Spanish idioms Spanish idioms are really used in the day a day conversations, some of them with an interesting meaning

Spanish is a such a great language, we have so many different idioms, and make up sentences that only Spanish know what they mean,and they just have meaning when you talk among Spanish  but when you say then to someone else they will look at you as if you would come from Mars no from Spain.

Today tho I am not going to talk about difficult Spanish idioms, just one to come to my head today in one of my lesson when I was saying buy and enjoy the…bridge!!All most students looked at me as…are you going crazy now Blanca?I started laughing an say it does not make sense does it?I have been in Scotland for long enough to spend here a few bank holidays but never say something so Spanish crossed mu mind or it could have been I just had not had the chance yet…so I needed to explain myself


Long weekend

It is as simple as that, the Spanish idiom, the Spanish expression when we have a long weekend, we say we have bridge, “puente”, and I know…you will probably be thinking we are weird, but it is actually makes sense as is a long weekend, a holidays, a long weekend where you could build a bridge that join the Saturday straight to Tuesday.


That said….the last thing I need to you is wish you a great bank holiday weekend, long weekend or…un



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