Spanish learning tips Sometimes learn a new language, can become boring and frustrating if you do not see yourself improving, so here some Spanish learning tips

When you start learning a new language, let's say Spanish, you start happy and feeling positive about it, you make the effort and try everything you think it should work,

 but suddenly learning Spanish becomes difficult, frustrating and even boring so eventually you give up...I am going to try to give you a few Spanish learning tips so you can check you are doing it all right.

Spanish learning tips

First of all,that even when it sounds basics a lot of people do not have it on mind…you need to be keen to learn Spanish, you can just go with a first thought, as it would be harder as you are not ready for it

Said that let’s move on

1. Read out loud, do not matter about speed, it is good to read out loud, eve when you probably are going to annoy your flatmates as you will realize about your pronunciation.


2.Listen Spanish music, even when you do not understand anything, your brain is still working and eventually you will pick up words, and make sense of the lyrics.


3.Watch movies, series, videos on internet in Spanish and every time you can with subtitles, I would recommend you start with subtitle in your own language if you are a beginner, otherwise can get pretty hard and swap into Spanish subtitles when you are in a higher level



learning vocabulary

In order to learn new word i highly recommend the flash card, I think they are really good, and even better if you make your own, you can do it for everything, animals, food, verbs, our brain always remembers better when it sees a picture, so if we are able to match the picture with the word, awesome!

have a look to this one for animals.



Also you could make a different type, one with the actual WORD (remember to put at the back the meaning) and other with the picture, you need to try and match the picture with the right word. No many people follow this Spanish learning tip but if you do…you will be closer to get your goals and learn quicker


Make conceptual maps or list

The list you can just put like title, things you can buy at the supermarket, or things you can wear on winter…anything, and make a list do not make it long to start it, set easy goals, if you draw a picture next to the word, even better 🙂 this is a good one but I would not put the meaning in your own languages at least your draws were imposible to make sense(even for you)spanish-lessons-in-edinburgh

The spanish learning tip of conceptual map consist on make a map with relate words…Like if you are trying to learn the vocabulary about the earth and whats on it like rivers, clouds…you could use this one, but remember they can be as creative as you want, you can draw,make them more simple more difficult…it is all up to you


And if you are lucky enough to be learning with someone else, you can kill the time playing all kind of games, tabu, words on a chain, anything that make you think in Spanish

Most important of all

It is time to get moving but I want first to say something important and it will help you the most when you learn Spanish, the power Spanish learning tip is…PRACTICE!Practice every chance you have, DO NOT BE SHY, and be afraid of making mistake, we all do, even native speakers and teachers, (yeah…) just do not let them to put you down, learn to laugh at them and improve your body language, it can sound stupid but a proper body language can make a huge difference to the people you are talking to.




You know all the Spanish learning tips, you just need to get started!So check our our courses and time to practice 🙂

Also studies have proved they are different types of learners, check out with one are you and focus on the skills you have

Type-of-Learner-800 write you soon!In the meanwhile keep calm and learn Spanish





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