Spanish listening exercise (intermediate/advance)

The listening part is the hardest skills to master.

Most of students that learn a second language think that listening is the difficult part, they can talk without any trouble, but when they need to listen…things change! Are you one of those students?

It is nothing bad, it just means you need to focus on developing that skill, that is why today we are practicing it.

In today’s video we are doing a listening exercise, but be aware is not for beginners, so if you are a beginner you might give this a pass, because although you need to practice to develop your Spanish ear, I don’t recommend you to listen to things that are far from your level, that does not help, and bring frustration and disappointment and we don’t want that when learning a language.

Spanish listening exercise (intermediate/advance)

Ok, so this exercise is similar to the ones we have done in the past, I am going to read a text and then I am going to give you 4 questions you need to answer, then once you know the questions and the info you need to look for I will read the text again and we will see the questions and the answers to them.

You can do to the exercise on my YouTube channel, but first I recommend you grab the transcript of the text, so you can read at the same time you listen. I think this is useful.   Ok, all that being said, grab the transcript here and go to the video to practice your Spanish listening skills.

Once you watched the video leave a comment and let me know.

-if you enjoyed the exercise

-how many times you listen to the exercise

-how many questions you got right!

I love hearing from you!

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