Spanish listening exercise

Spanish students often complain understanding Spanish is so hard, in the blog today I am helping you to improve your listening skills.

A lot of the time Spanish student’s weakness when learning Spanish is the listening part, they don’t have a problem getting their ideas across but when someone replies to them…panic! That is why I create this type of videos every so often, I think they can make a difference and improve your listening game in Spanish. we are going to practice your Spanish listening skills!

Let me explain what we are doing, you might be familiar with this, as we have practiced before, but just in case this is your first time here and as a refresher.

I am going to read a text, this time is about “cocoa and chocolate”, I know…we are off to a great start, or am I the only one who loves chocolate? All right, so I will read the text, then I will give you 4 questions you will need to answer related to the text, the questions are general, and you don’t need to understand word by word, but the general meaning, after you might be able to answer them, but if not…no problem! Now you now what info you are looking for I will read the text again, ask you the questions once more and then give you the answers 🙂 .

If you want to make it more challenging for yourself you can try and transcript the text, afterwards download the transcript of the text here and check out how you got on 🙂

Ok, are you ready? Then it is game on!

Come over and have a watch, although I should say have a listen to today’s video 🙂

After you have the chance to watch I would love hearing from you, leave a comment and let me know:

-did you enjoy today’s video?

-how many times did you listen to the text?

-how difficult did you find it (0 being very easy and 5 quite challenging)?

-how many questions did you get right?

Looking forward to reading your comments, they mean the world to me <3 .

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Now I only have left to wish you….

¡Un día fántastico! – a fantastic day!

And remember practice your Spanish, it is the only way to get better

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