Spanish movies (and series) to help you with your Spanish Who does not like movies or watch tv series? Few people is not it? Even me that I haven’t had Netflix (at least yet) I like to enjoy a good movie, so that is why I thought I would write about Spanish movies today, because movies are fun, and entertaining and it does not look as if you are studying.

First of all, let me tell you some tricks to make the most of the movies/series you see

1-try to see first one you already seen in your native language, or just watch it first in your language and then after a few days in Spanish, so you will have an idea about whats going on and you won’t get that frustrated.

2-Watch it with friends who are learning Spanish too so you can comment after and have fun seeing how different your versions are (kidding)

3-Use subtitles, I am not a fan of them, but when you start you need them if you do not want to get crazy, get rid of them progressively .

4-Watch it more than once, there is nothing wrong with that, take your time, you might be even love it more as you will understand more and more each time.

Spanish movies (and series) which help you with your Spanish

I know….what are you thinking you have tried before and it is just not working, it is too difficult to see a movie in Spanish, have a read and give it one more go, you won’t regret it. Maybe before you did not choose a good one, that is why I am giving you some options so you can choose the one which suits you better.

Spanish movies (and series) to help you with your Spanish




1-Talk to her (Hablé con ella)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Length: 1h 52 mins
Type of Spanish: Spain















Watch the trailer –>>

From the director Pedro Almódovar, if you know Almodóvar you will know what o expect and if you do not…this is your chance!

This dramatic story takes place in Spain, where two random men meet in a private hospital to take care of two women who are in a deep coma. What begins as a random encounter will flow into an unexpected destiny.

2-Maria full of Grace (María llena de gracia)

Genre: Crime, Drama
Length: 1h 41 mins
Type of Spanish: Colombia
















Watch the trailer–>>

A Colombian teenager who has recently become pregnant is desperate for money. So desperate that she’s willing to do anything to support her future baby and her family, including becoming a drug mule. Once she’s strapped with sixty-two pellets of cocaine to take to New York, her life changes forever.


3-Y tú mama también

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Length: 1h 46 mins
Type of Spanish: Mexico














Watch the trailer –>>

Two boys from Spain who have just arrived to Mexico are alone, as their respective girlfriends are in Europe traveling together. When they meet an attractive Mexican girl at a wedding, they convince her that they will go on a roadtrip of a lifetime, and what follow is an endless list of mistakes, laughter, and stories.

4– Morotcicle diaries (diarios de una motocicleta)

Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama
Length: 2h 6 mins
Type of Spanish: Argentina















Watch the trailer here — >>

This is based on a true story of Che Guevara, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary leader, when he was in his early twenties. Guevara decides to postpone his Medical school graduation to go on a 8,000km road trip with his long-time friend. Without much of an agenda, they quickly run out of money, run into trouble, and conflicts quickly arise between the two.

5-Una noche

Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: 1h 30 mins
Type of Spanish: Cuba















Watch the trailer here –>>

In Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. When he’s accused of assault, he pairs up with a friend to help him reach the forbidden world 90 miles across the ocean. One night, full of hope, they face the biggest challenge of their lives.




1-Club de cuervos

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Length: 40 mins/episode
Type of Spanish: Mexico
Watch trailer here –>>

When the patriarch of a prominent family dies, his heirs battle to determine who will gain control of his beloved soccer team: The Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo

And of course…I could not finish without mentioning the serie of the moment, the one who everyone is talking about, and I haven’t seen it yet.


Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Length: 51 mins/episode
Type of Spanish: Colombia
Watch trailer here –>>

This TV show tells the true-life story of the growth and spread of cocaine drug cartels across the globe and attendant efforts of law enforcement to meet them head on in brutal, bloody conflict. It centers around the notorious Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar, and the influence he’s had in Latin America and the world.



And that is all, I think you have a few to pick up from and before you start your moaning…

I know watching a movie or even a serie in original version can be frustrating and hard because native speak so fast but really give it a go this weekend, this is your HOMEWORK pick a movie/serie from the list before and try to immerse yourself in the language. And eventually it get easier and you feel so proud, the rewards is worth, I promise 🙂


#tip-if you are a beginner or you really struggle with Spanish pace,and losing concentration along the movie,  pick a serie you have seen in your native language, I always say “friends” as most of the people have seen it and you know what is about and it is just 20 minutes, so #noexcuses!

Now it is your turn I would love to hear from you


-Have you seen a Spanish movie/serie before?

-Have you hear from any of the above meantioned? Any other you would recommend?

-Which movie are you keen to watch?

Leave your comments below, as usual I am looking forward to reading them all.


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One Response to “Spanish movies (and series) to help you with your Spanish”

  1. Kevin

    Movies sure are an entertaining way to become used to any language, especially learning how to pronounce them in different situations.

    I agree with the notion that the best movies to start with are the ones we’ve already seen and love. Some people can easily disregard watching movies in a foreign language if they have no idea if the plot fits their taste or not, it’s a bummer to watch something we dislike, add a completely different language to it and it becomes an awful experience.

    There are a few movies that personally I enjoyed while teaching some spanish to my English speaking friends. The guys over at MyDailySpanish also put up a great resource for both movies ( and TV shows ( which I recommend if you ever run out of good movies to watch, some of which you may be familiar with already.

    As far as captions go, I would say that it goes a long way if you can make out some words without using these, but honestly there’s no reason to not have them on at all times. It’s how I learned English myself, through the use of captions and musical videos!

    Hope to see some more movies and series added to your future posts 🙂



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