Spanish music. I woke up today with a sad feeling, it was Saturday, the first of a long weekend and I needed to do some work, so I put some Spanish music to help me to prepare my Spanish lessons

I always have found amusing the power that music has into our brains, of the music, and it is amazing every time I feel that power, it used to happened to me when I was at uni and I was feeling down, I always put some party music and it would boost my mood!And today when I was feeling a bit lazy I thought about putting some music to cheer me up and I chose some Spanish music to get involved with the Spanish lessons I needed to deal with, so I open my laptop, choose some music and have a coffee, nothing could stop me, so I thought about share the experience with you all.



I always say listening to Spanish music is a great way to improve your Spanish, because even when you think you can understand a word, your brain makes connections and starts getting the meaning of things what is amazing because it is free of work from your side, so we could even say it is free Spanish lessons, we need to say that music is powerful but not magical so you will need to listen to the songs several times, it just not instantaneous.

Spanish music is so wide and we have such a great musicians, some of them known worldwide and unfortunately most of them just known in Spain, so I thought I would share with you some singers and their most popular songs, so you might find a new group or new musical style to follow 🙂



Kind of Spanish music

Well as most of you would know the typical Spanish music, or at least the first kind we all think about when we talk about Spanish music is Flamenco, but our range is much more wide, funny thing this morning song I listened to it was Carolina tratame bien, a song from a band called Mclan, they were quite famous when my mum was young so I guess the classic never die…listen, and see what you think

Another classic this one a bit more known worldwide is Julio Iglesias, I bet most of you like it either him or his song, who is also a singer but more international one as he sings Spanish and English

Also bands more of my style are vetusta morla, indie pop highly recommended

Or another band quite famous is los delinquentes, they mix rock, flamenco and pop….so worth to listening to


I know there are not many but it just a taste so you can see if Spanish music is for you, if you want to find out more leave a comment and I will write about more Spanish music soon 🙂

Have a great Saturday, write to you all soon.xx

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