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Ok, so what is this course about?

This course is an online and “self-study” 8 weeks for beginners I write “self-study” as this first launch the modules (units) will be release week by week, why? Because learning a new language can be overwhelming and if the 8 modules were up from the beginning will be easier for you to get distracted and jump from lesson to lesson, so this week by week lesson it will make you focus in one unit a week in the right order, so you will have the road map to follow and the overwhelm will be less.

Also you will count with a facebook group were I will be asking question related to that week’s unit, so you get accountability.

And although it is set on 8 weeks, you will have life access to the course, so it is not rush, you can really work the course at your own pace.

During the time of 8 weeks we will cover the basic of the Spanish language, that will become your foundation to develop your Spanish language skills.

The  course has 8 modules (your units)

1-The basic

–>The alphabet and pronunciation

–> Useful sentences

2-The noun (gender and number)

You will learn how the nouns and adjectives in Spanish work and the foundation to make sentences.


–>Personal pronouns

–>verb to be I –introducing yourself and introducing others

4-Talking about your family

–>verb to have

–>the family

Don’t tell me more….I am in, I want to join the course now!

5- Describing yourself and others

–>physical descriptions

6-Starting to talk

–>Present tense of the regular verbs

7-Asking questions

–>interrogative pronouns

8-talk about things you like or you don’t

–>Verb to like

Plus some bonuses:

-numbers, time-asking and giving the time

-talking about the weather

-how to express what you want or need.

-days of the week, ask and give the date.


– and two surprise ones

And a facebook group where I would be every week for an hour asking questions about the week’s lesson.

The first unit is already out with some of the bonuses.

And after that you will receive your next unit every 7 days, that will give you time to focus one unit at a time.

So what do you say?

Are you in??

Let’s do it!

Sign me up for only $99

If you have any questions reach out to blanca@spanishconnectionedinburgh.co.uk