Spanish phrases for better and more natural conversations with Native Speakers. These Spanish sentences will help you to have better and more natural conversation with native speakers.


The goal with today’s Spanish phrases for better and more natural conversations with Native Speakers is pretty much that, to have better conversations in Spanish, not only by keeping the conversation going but engaging in these conversations, going beyond what you learn in the textbooks. And  I hope the phrases you are about to learn will help you with that. So hopefully by the time you finish this blog you have a new set of Spanish sentences you can use to talk about different topics instead of coming back to same ones again and again 🙂


In order to make the learning easy I have put all the phrases from the blog (and some more) in a pdf that you can download here, just in case you want to make your own notes or take it anywhere!


Spanish phrases for better and more natural conversations with Native Speakers.


Note that there are plenty of options I just selected the phrases that according to my experience are more popular/common..


Spanish phrases for better and more natural conversations with Native Speakers.


Giving opinion- Dar opiniones

If you want to connect with Spanish speakers at some point you will need to share thoughts, opinions and feelings. So asking or giving opinions is a useful skill to have. Some of the phrases you can use to do that are:


Yo creo que …– I believe that…Although I believe is the literal translation, Spanish speakers use it as often as you will use “I think that” in English.

Note that in Spanish que say yo creo que + the sentences, we need to use the “que” opposite than in English where you can say I belive/think + sentence


No estoy muy seguro- I am not entirely sure


¿Qué piensas de….? – What do you think of/about….?


¿Qué te parece? –What does it seem to you? And again although ¿qué te parece? Means literally what does it seem to you? The best way to translate it into the speaking language would be What do you think? We are asking for an opinion.


Giving and receiving advice- Dar y recibir consejos

Giving and receiving advice is a big part in everyday conversations. And some of the Spanish phrases you can use are:


¿Qué me/nos recomiendas?- what do  you recommend me/us?


¿Qué debo hacer?- what should I do?


¿Por qué no….? – Why don’t you…?


Tal vez debieras… – Maybe you should…


Creo que deberías…-I think you should….


Yo que tú…-If I were you…


Yo me las arreglo- I will figure something out


Voy a pensarlo-I will think about it


Tal vez tengas razón-Maybe you are right


Answering the right way when others are speaking– Contestar adecuadamente cuando otros hablan

Normally, well no, always! A conversation needs two people involved. And for students that is a difficult part, as generally when we are speaking there is not much of a problem, as you are saying things,  but when it is your turn to listening things get a bit more tricky, as that means at some point you will need to answering them in the right way instead of just having that awkward nod and smile on your face  that actually mean  “I have no idea…”

You can learn more exclamatory sentence for you Spanish conversations on a blog I wrote not long ago, have a look I haven’t repeat the ones I mentioned in that blog, so creo que deberías echar un vistazo– I think you should have a look 🙂 


Me quedé asombrado-I was shocked


¡Qué asco!-How disgusting!


¡Qué horror! – How horrible!


¡Madre mía! –Goodness me!


¡Anda ya! –Get out of here!


¡No me digas!- No way!


Being careful– Ser cuidadoso

Sometimes it is good to stay in the safe place, and even when you give your opinion,  advice you don’t want to sound like a know it all, so you maybe want to say something like:


Si no me equivoco- If I am not mistaken


Corrigeme si me equivoco – Correct me if I am wrong


And to finish off I want to leave you with an idiom that I love, and I think is quite useful:

No hay peros que valgan – no ifs, ands of buts.


So that is it! Now it is time to master these phrases in order to have longer and better conversations in Spanish. You can also watch the lesson 


Remember to download the PDF version of the blog here so you can take it with you everywhere.


Now it is that time of the week again, where we part ways but before I would love to hear from you, leave a comment and let me know:


-How many of these phrases did you know already?

-Which of these new phrases do you think will be most useful for you in your Spanish conversations?


Let me know in the comments below, I am so looking forward to reading from you 🙂


Now ….I just have left to say…


¡Hasta la próxima!- See you next time!


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