Spanish phrases with the verb “echar”

The verb echar besides having several different meanings it is used in a lot of fixed phrases that change its meaning.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the different meanings of the verb echar, you can read it here  in that blog I mentioned that in the future I will write another one talking about different expressions which use “echar”, and that future has come, today I am going to teach you some expressions, or Spanish phrases that use the verb “echar”.

So if you are ready, let’s dive in.

Spanish phrases with the verb “echar”

1-echar un vistazo/echar un ojo

To have a look, to look at something in a superficial way, not very in detail.

He encontrado este artículo y quiero que le eches un vistazo para que me des tu opinión- I have found this article and I want you to have a look because I would like your opinion.

2-echar de menos

We can also say extrañar, and it means to miss someone or something.

La cosa que más echo de menos de España además de mi familia es la comida._The thing I miss the most about Spain, apart of my family is the food.

3-Echar a perder

To destroy, to ruin, to spoil.

La sopa estaba buenísima, pero le pusé demasiada sal y la eche a perder._The soup was very good, but I added too much salt and I ruined it.

4-echar una mano

To help, to give a hand

When you move houses I am sure you ask your friends to give you a hand-Cuando te mudas estoy segura de que pides a tus amigos que te echen na mano.

5-echar una cabezada

To have a small sleep, to have a siesta

Estoy muy cansada, así que voy a echar una cabezada antes de quedar con mis amigas.-I am very tires, so I am going to have a nap before meeting my friends.

6-echar la culpa.

To blame someone

Cuando era pequeña y hacía algo mal siempre echaba la culpa a mi hermana.-When I was a kid and I did something wrong I always blamed my sister.

7-echar en cara

To reproach

Durante su discusión Emilia echó muchas cosas en cara a su novio-During their argument Emiliia reproached a loto f things to her boyfriend.

8-echar a suertes

Cast to luck

If you are playing a game it is normal echar a suertes quien es el primero-cast to luck who goes first.

9-echar chispas

To be angry/furious

Es mejor que no hables hoy con el jefe, ha tenido una reunión y está que echa chispas-It is better if you don;t talk to the boss today, he has had a meeting and he is furious.

10-echar por tierra

Similar to echar a perder.

To wreck.

José quería ser piloto, pero un problema con su vista echó por tierra sus planes-José wanted to be a pilot, but a eyesight problem wrecked his plans.

11-Echar leña al fuego

To add fuel to the fire

Es mejor que no hables de ese tema, la situación es complicada y es mejor no echar más leña al fuego-It is better if you don’t talk about that subject, the situaction is complicated and it is better not o add fuel to the fire.

12-echar un sermón

To tell someone off, to give them a speech.

Mi madre siempre me echaba sermones cuando no ordenaba mi habitación-My mother used to tell me off when I did not tidy up my room.

Ok, almost there just two more, and in these two  we use the verb echar as reflexive.

-echarse atrás

To back off

Teníamos planes para hacer puénting, pero al final me eché atrás-We had plan to do bungee jumping but at the end I backed off.

-echarse encima

It has a few meanings

a)to get closer.

Necesito terminar la tarea para mi proyecto porque la fecha de entrega se me está echando encima-I need to finish my task for my Project because the deadline it is getting closer.

b)To jump on, it can be literally, but most of the times we use it as a figurative thing.

Espero que Marcos no haga un error, o los empleados se le van a echar encima-I hope Marcos does not make a mistake or his employes are going to come down hard on him.

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