Spanish playlist to help you with your learning Spanish is language with rhythm, that we know, and Spanish songs have some rhythm on them too, that makes them so catchy, so if you are a music fan, that you should, as music, happy music is proven to improve your mood, but that is a point for another day. You are here to improve your Spanish, or to get it started, so that is why I have a really interesting playlist for you.

Spanish playlist to help you with your learning

We are in August already, and for most of us, those who live in the north hemisphere means summer, holidays, normally we go out more and do not study that much, but what if I could tell you that even doing that you could keep learning?

I love music and I think Spanish song have a special “something” that makes you want to dance, I do not know if this just happen to me, does it happen to you to?If it does, today is your lucky day because I put together a Spanish play list for you which will help you with your Spansih.

So to become the queen/king of the parties (and to improve your Spanish – #extra!) I have chosen a few songs for you.

Spanish playlist to help you with your learning

When you listen to music, appart of the advantages for your mood, it has benefits for your Spansih learning too, why? Here are some reason

1-Retain more vocabulary, if you like a song it is probably that you listen to it over and over, and even when you are not paying attention if a word is repeated quite often, your brain will pick it up and it will remember it easier than if you would have read it.

2-Discover different cultures, a lot of the songs talk about the own country culture, normal life things that we will help you to understand the culture and probably learn something you will never learn in a text book.

3-Familiarize with the different accents, Spanish is a global language, it is spoken in more than 20 countries and each one have a different accent, when listening to music you can start discovering different accent and its differences,  can you guess what country are the songs below from?

4-Sound like a native, when listening music we normally try to sing as well, so if you listening to them in Spanish, it will help you to get the proper pronunciation too.

Ok now that I have given you some facts, let’s go to the goodies,


Spanish playlist

1-“Vivir Mi Vida” By Marc Anthony

Puerto Rico

Marc Anthony is from Puerto Rico. This song has some repetitive lyrics that  makes it easy for beginners to follow it along. 


2. “La Bicicleta” By Carlos Vives And Shakira

This song is from this year and it is hitting the list, but the clip is even bette, it is a bike trip through the coast of Barranquilla, Colombia, and it will make you fall in love and get you an approach to the Colombian accent.

3. “Ni Rosas, Ni Juguetes” By Paulina Rubio

This is an oldie but a good one, it was really popular back in 2009, and you still can hear it if you go clubbing. The song gives you a look inside Mexico’s culture, and an opportunity to get used to the Mexican accent

4. “Yo También” By Romeo Santos Dominican Republic

There is Latin love behind the lyrics of this song, and even when it starts in English, do not be foolish by it, the lyrics are entirely in Spanish I am sure it  will make you feel immersed into the culture.

5. “Danza Kuduro” By Don Omar Puerto Rico

Danza Kuduro is a classic. If you have been to a Spanish party, you have listened it.T here’s not much behind the lyrics , but it’s really catchy that will make you to hit the dance floor.

6. “Bailando” By Enrique Iglesias Spain

Funny fact, they had to create an English version just to meet the demand (the video below is the Spanish one).


And that is my hand picked playlist for you…I hope you enjoyed it.


Now it is your turn,  I would love to hear from you, have you listened to any of the songs above?

Do you have a favourite Spanish song? Have any song helped you with your Spanish?

Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂


Homework This week’s homework is…pick a song, just one, and enjoy its Spanish lyrics, of course if you want more feel free to do it.

And for the bookworms or for the ones whom just are up for a challenge pick a song and try to pick up some words and see if you can make sense of the general meaning . Can you think about a better way to learn? I am sure it will be fun. Feel free to leave a comment letting us know how you got on. I would love to know 🙂

I do not think you will have ever had an easier homework than the one of this week, so put your earphones on and make your selection:)

Write you pronto-soon, meanwhile listen to some music and be “more” Spanish my friend 🙂


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  1. Chris

    I have learned a LOT of my Spanish from songs. Just now I learned “vallenato” in La bicicleta.
    More later..


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