Spanish style is IN! were you wondering what to wear this summer 2015? Dolce&Gavanna have the answer

Spanish style is in, we knew that, but if two of the greatest designers of the moment choose Spain as the theme for their outfits, that is a no brainer, either if you have a wedding, a night out, a formal dinner, a celebration or why not a date!Get at least a Spanish complement this summer, and get ready to rock!

Spanish-style Spanish-fashion




Today I was having a look on internet about trends for this summer as lately fashion weeks has been everywhere I looked at…my snapchat, the news, my favourite blogs so I decided to dive and see if by any chance I could get something for one wedding.

As a Spanish, I have always been fascinating about Spanish outfits, and the big “flamenca” dresses, and I am from the North of Spain, so we do not get the chance to wear them as often, but I have to admit I do not think anyone else would be…so I was surprise when I found Dolce&Gavanna’s new colection. It is based on the Spanish notes from the south, the bull fighters notes can be appreciate in most of the designs, short jackets, print dots in the outfits, flowers on the hair and with the point of the lace to make them sensual.




I do not why I was surprise as it has been a few times when we have seen celebrities showing their love for the Spanish style, as Madonna in several occasions, the most recently in the Brit awards even when nobody talked about her outfits next day…:S

Spanish-fashion-is-trend madonna-likes-spain


We also have some famous we jumped the pond and now living in the EE.UU. they are expanding their rots out there as Penelope Cruz










But as I said at the beginning you do not to wear the whole set to be chick, just choose the complement that suits you

a fan( abanico, as we called them)

Spanish-fashion-summer-2015 a back comb(peineta)Spain-trends

a shawl (chal)spanish-summer a short jacket or”torera”spanish-connection-style


Or just get dots print spanish-dots

or a nice flower to hold your hairlearn-spanish-spanish-connection



Red together with black and white are the colours,  so get a lipstick and a flower to match 🙂

Get your outfit ready, your camera and…I am looking forward to seeing your creations 🙂

I leave the link to Dolce&Gavanna website as they have so many designs worthy to see, hope you enjoy as much as I did looking at them.




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