Spanish summer drinks Spain is a hot country, sometimes too hot, that is why we have developed Spanish summer drinks, so we can fight the heat

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I am back, this time with some good advice, we will be talking about Spanish summer drinks, I am sure many of you go to Spain on holiday, so I am going to give you the key about what is typical to drink during summer so you look like a proper native.


Spanish summer drinks

In this blog you will find what Spanish people drink during summer, so next time you are on holidays you will not be surprise about some of the strange combinations we can make…and also there are not that difficult to make so…why not to try and give a homemade a go?


I think that is the most famous Spanish summer drinks, because who does not know what is sangria?Sangria is combination of wine, chopped fruit, that use to be lemon, but peach, grape and kiwi are common too, you will need a sweetener as honey or sugar and a fizzy drink as seven up, and of course ice…a lot of ice cube, sweet and delicious


Tinto de verano

This is one of the classics too, and even easier to make made with red wine and a carbonated drink, in Spain we use one called Gaseosa, but 7 up can do the job, usually served with ice and a slice of lemon


La clara

Clara is a mixed of beer and a carbonated drink, as you know Spanish like to drink and with the heat we are thristy so mixed alcohol with a not alcoholic drink makes us take it easier and not get crazy too quick..



Rebujito is really typical in the south of Spain, is a cocktail that mixes Camomile, known as manzanilla  sherry mixed up with 7up, a lot of ice and served up in sherryglass or in a tall glass.


cafe con hielo

Spain is hot so we need to add ice to pretty much everything to fight the heat, coffee with ice is one of our favourites


Horchata o chufa

It is really common in the east of Spain, horchata is a milky-looking, yet dairy-free, libation. Made with ground-up rice, toasted almonds, a bit of cinnamon, and some lime, it’s a perfect  refreshment.




Leave your comments below and let me know if you have tried any of them 🙂 and if you have any others we should add to the list.


Also after all this drink I am going to give you two other words that can come handy

1-Chiringuito, it is the bars usually made of wood Spanish have on the beach side


2-One you need to watch for…Resaca, if you drink too much you probably have resaca next day 🙂



Hope you enjoy and find it useful


See you soon


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