Spanish swear words 6 Spanish swear words which will make you sound as a native.

As in many other languages, one thing is the knowledge you get from the books, and that is great, but there is another kind of knowledge, is the “day a day” talk, the things they do not teach you in the books, either because it is controversial or not something you talk in a lesson or a book because it will take ages, or because a book about real life conversation will take for ever to write and when it would finish new thing would have already come up.

In todays blog we are learning some of the day a day stuff, I would say the one that will go inside the controversial caregory, we are talking about Spanish swear words.


6 Spanish swear words

I know is not really polite, but in like many other languages swear words, four-letters words, bad language is a big part of the Spanish learning. In Spain we called them “palabrotas”, or if you want a more modern-cool word “tacos”, and that is all what they are spanish swear words….

You need to understand that Spanish being such a passional language has a few of this the same like insults (we will cover then in another days post) so I could write for the whole weekend, but after a lot of talk with friends, family, students had lived in Spain, I came up to the conclusion that these 6 words are the strongest ones, and probably the most used in the day a day basics.

So if you are ready to learn something non-conventional, at least you have a lot of Spanish friends or you had lived in Spain…here is your dose of Spanish swear words.


This is quite common in English too, and we used it exactly in the same way, so not much to add.


We use it pretty much for everything…if we have had a bad day, our day has been “mierda”, if we were carried something and we drop it, we say “mierda”, it something unexpected happen, we say…guess what?You got it…”mierda”


One of the king in the Spanish swear words, we can use it when we are either surprise either angry, whenever you want to say and the way you want to say it, you will probably get it right, so do not be scared to practice :), just change the way you say it and ta-da!You will be another Spanish speaker.


We can pretty much use “joder”in the same situations we would use “mierda”


I guess this one is a funny one as you do not use it the same way by this time you have probably figure it out that we can use swear words in every sentences, pretty much, to express feeling, the difference of this one “cojones” is we like to put it in the middle of a sentences to make it sound powerful, to add some emphasis, like if you see one of your friends doing something not usual you would ask “¿qué cojones estás haciendo?”, kind of what the fuck are you doing? The same if someone says to you something difficult to believe, you will say…”¿qué cojones dices?”, what the heck are you saying?


As you see we can use it instead of the first two ones “mierda” and “joder” but  is more used as a wildcard as we like to put it everywhere, we can just to change the meaning of the sentences a bit.


If we have a Spanish swearword with the masculines genitals, we need to have one with the femenines ones too, so here it is, we do not use “coño”as you would do in English to say someone is weak or not brave enough, we use it exactly in the same way we use “cojones”, so the difference is just on the people who is talking, just depend which swear word is easy for you to remember.



Again….if you feel like saying it in the middle of a sentences to put some emphasis on it…on you go 🙂


I do not think this one has a exactly translation into English, and it is quite complex to explain, I would say it is most used as a surprise, something you do not expect to happen, if you see a friend int he street  you have not seen in a while you would say

¡Ostia!¿Dónde has estado? Or to practice the swear words above “!Ostia!¿Dónde cojones/coño has estado?””!Ostia!Where the fuck have you been?”

But it can also mean   you are fed up, just saying”!Ostia!” Like if you are doing something on your laptop and does not work, and of course it can go with a punch to the laptop , for the most extremist 🙂


We can say “ostia” meaning a big hit, like if you see someone driving really fast you would say/think“Si sigue conduciendo así de rápido ya veras que ostia se va a dar!”,  “if he keeps driving that fast you will see the hit he will take”or to say you do not know something obvious, as if your friend ask what is going on there?You would replying saying “!y yo qué ostias sé!”, kind of “I dont have a clue…why would I do?”


6-Me cago en…

As the previous one is one of the difficult to explain, as it does not have a exact meaning in English and it can have so many differents ended, literaly would be something like take a shit on…and the end just varies….you can choose from “me cago en la puta”, like a strong option “I shit on the bitch”, and one of the most common ones to “me cago en la mar”, “I shit on the sea”, as a more moderate option. Opposite to the first ones we just use this one when we are upset, we do not use it to indicate surprise, if we use it, it is because we are upset or really angry.



Just put emphasis every time you say them, you know Spanish is a language with character so show it, overall when we say swear words we really feel it, and remember to use them to overall when you are surprise or angry, just swap your pronunciation, so there you go.


Your homework for this week is as usual to practice as much as you can, with friends, spanish people you just met…they will be surprised of your language skills 🙂 . Also if you can read a book or watch a movie ( quicker way) in spanish and pay attention to how many times they say one of this 6 Spanish swear words….now you can spot them, I bet you would be surprised 🙂

Have a great weekend-Ten un buen fin de semana

Talk you again “pronto”.


As usual guys leave a comment below if you have something to share with the rest of us, you might know another ways to use these Spanish swear words or you might know some more. Feel free to teach us 🙂

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  1. Nikk Med

    What does,”HIJO de gran putt?” refer too?

    • blancadt

      People normal use it when they are really mad at someone, just to put emphasis on how big that son of a bitch is….just that.Where have you heard it Nikk?


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