Spanish tongue twister Tongue twisters know in Spanish as trabalenguas are a great way to practice pronunciation

Ok so let me give you a bit of a background of what I am writing about a Spanish tongue twister today.
On Tuesday I had this magnificent idea (hey, I know I can sound too much, but that does not happen often so give me credit 🙂 ) that I was going to start something call “Tongue twisters Tuesday” , that means that from now on every Tuesday I will go on my instagram stories and I will post a Spanish tongue twister. You can follow me @spanishwithblanca




Good question!

Probably if you are a Spanish student you can relate that listening and pronunciation are challenging when you learn Spanish, or any other language I would say. I hear students complaining about that once and again.


So I thought tongue twisters would be of great help as you can practice listening and pronunciation, but for this to happen you need to put a little but from your side too:
I have done my part, I have recorded a Spanish tongue twister, so you can practice your listening skills, but…I am not giving it to you written down, at least not today (but I will do it next week) so you need to really push your Spanish listening skills, and once you have done that I challenge you to read it out loud, you can play the audio again and repeat after me or just over me, whatever you want, but please give it a go.

I truly believe this will help your pronunciation and listening skills and I bet you it is going to be so much fun, at least the first few times you try to say the tongue twister out loud.

Here you have the audio so you can give it a try. I know I am not saying it super slow, but aye! It is a Spanish tongue twister so I want to push you a bit.



You can speed up too once you have practice a few times.

I hope you enjoyed.

Let me know in the comments what you think about tongue twisters and don’t forget to post your tongue twister written, and of course if you are one of the brave ones and you want to upload an audio file I will personally listen to it and tell you what to improve.

Talk you soon


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