Spanish trips and something else In this entry, Spanish trips and something else, I will give you a small taste of Spain

!Hola amigos!Lo siento L I have been a while without posting anything, I have been on holidays, in the Balearic island…so worth to seeing, and even when the weather was not the one you would expect in Spain, the landscape was amazing. I did not go to Mallorca, but among Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza, I do not really which one to choose…probably the one that surprise me the most was Ibiza, as I always thought it was a party place, but I stayed at Santa Eularia first and then Ibiza town…and they really surprise me….they are proper Spanish towns, with beautiful beaches.

Formentera is so unusal, as it is a really small island, a day will be enough to see, I said see, not enjoy it tho, for that you need at least a couple, it is so flat but the landscape is amazing…from clear beaches to rocky cliffs that looks to the coast, and Menorca, what can I say about it?I always wanted to be and I made it and even when I got a stormy weather, I love every bit of it from the lovely towns to the virgin beaches.

As you can read and I cannot make up my mind so I highly recommend you to go and tell us your opinion J

Here is a couple of pictures from Ibiza

IMG_3455 IMG_3510

I think you all know by now how much I love Spanish idioms, so I thought to write a quick entry “spanish trips and something else” to say hello!I am back…(checkedJ) and of course to give you something to use/practice during the weekend.

Spanish trip (checked) lets go for the something else bit, two Spanish idioms.

Por la boca muere el pez, literally means the fish dies by the mouth, but like you know not everything is what it looks like, this one is pretty close tho, it means something like if you talk to much you will get in trouble…So watch up and control what it comes from your mouth 🙂

Por la boca muere el pez

And linking with number one the second is “en boca cerrada no entran moscas” meaning “A closed mouth gathers no flies” but in English you would say something like “you are better off just keeping quiet and minding your own business”

En boca cerrada no entran moscas

I hope you enjoy todays entry and I will be back next Friday with more, as usual, comments welcome J

!Buen fin de semana!

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