Spanish verbs which use the preposition “a” Prepositions in Spanish are always confusing…but there is something a bit harder….choose the right preposition for a verb…

Today we are going to see some verbs which use the preposition “a”, so whenever you used them you know you need to use the preposition “a” , no brainer!

There a few but I am going to give you a few that might be the most common/useful ones, so if you are up for a challenge….get ready to learn some verbs which use the preposition “a”



Spanish verbs which use the preposition “a”


Before we start, let’s #remember that…

When we have the preposition a follow by a masculine define article

Like “voy a el al cine” we make it one a+el=al

It does not happen when the article is feminine

Voy a la piscina

Ok, keeping than in mind let’s go to the learning

ACERCARSE A-to approach


El vendedor se acercó a nosotros para intentar vendernos su producto

“The sales man approach us in order to sell us his product”


ACOSTUMBRARSE A-to get use to


Llevó 5 años viviendo en Edimburgo y todavía no me he acostumbrado al frío

“I have been living in Edinburgh for 5 years and I am still not used to the cold.”


APRENDER A-to learn how to


Estoy aprendiendo a tocar el piano

“Iam learning how to play the piano”



You can challenge to your friends saying

!Atrévete a aprender español! No es tan difícil…

“Dare to learn Spanish!It is not as difficult…”

ENSEÑAR A-to teach to



Yo enseño español a extranjeros

“I teach Spanish to foreign people”

JUGAR A-to play (sports or games only, no instruments!)to-play-spanish

A mis amigos y a mi nos encanta jugar a juegos de mesa

“My friends and I love to play board games”

OLER A-to smell like



Cuando voy a España me encanta visitar la casa de mi abuela, siempre huele a pan casero y me recuerda a mi infancia

“When I go to Spain I love to visit my grandmum’s house, it always smells like homemade bread and it reminds me to my childhood”

PARECERSE A-to look like



Todo el mundo dice que mi prima se parece a Penélope Cruz

“Everyone says my cousin looks like Penélope Cruz”

It can be used not just for people but for cities, objects ….too

#watch out-to look alike is parecerse ej. Mi hermana y yo nos parecemos “My sister and I look alike”

But mi hermana se parece a mí, “my sister looks like me”

PONERSE A –to begin to



Maybe these days due to the proximity to Christmas the most popular is

Me voy a poner a dieta

“I am going to begin a diet”

Or one of new years’s resolutions might be

Voy a ponerme a estudiar alemán

“I am going to begin to learn German”

Just for the brave ones #extra

As a tip for your Spanish learning here are some common phrases with “a” too (just in case you haven’t had enough :))

A bordo-on board

Al fin-finally

A cause de-because of

A eso de las 10-about 10 (you can also say alrededor o sobre las 10)

A la larga-in the long run

A mendo-often

A pesar de-in spite of

A tiempo-on time

A través de-through

Homework, as you see the common phrases haven’t had an example…why? Because I challenge you to pick one and write a comment below , ¿te atreves a hacerlo?-“Do you dare to do it?”

I am giving away 2 copies of “The Spanish idioms book”, for your chance to win leave a comment with your sentences in the comments below.

Now it is your turn, if you like the blog, please spread the Spanish word around, share it with your friends!

And before you leave please let me know if this article was useful, and what kind of content you would love to see in this blog in order to help you to push your Spanish to the next level.


Hablamos pronto-talk you soon

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