Spanish words with different meanings –quedarse In this blog you are going to learn one word that has more than one meaning.

Along my journey as Spanish teacher I have seen common patterns on my students , and one of these common pattern is they get really confuse with Spanish words with different meanings, and I do not blame them…some Spanish words can be very confusing, that is the case of today’s word “quedarse “ .

So if you are ready to dig deeper and find out other meanings of this crazy word let’s have a look.

Spanish words with different meanings – quedarse


Quedarse –to stay



You can read the mini lesson (below) or watch it here 


I am sure you knew this meaning, but you can use it in more ways


1 a) Quedarse-to stay in a place:


Voy a quedarme en casa de mi madre una semana – I am going to stay at my mum’s one week.

Voy a quedarme en un hostal en mis vacaciones – I am going to stay in a hostel during my holidays

1-b) quedarse-to stay using a specific time,

so not only where you are going to stay but also for how long you are going to stay


Voy a quedarme una semana en Valencia y luego iré a Murcia- I am going to stay one week in Valencia and then I will go to Murcia.

Voy a quedarme unos días en casa de una amiga- I am going to stay a few days at a friend’s house.

2-a)quedarse-using with clothes “to suit”,

it might sounds strange but we use it when a particular thing suits us, or not.


¿Esta falda me queda bien? – Does this skirt suit me?/Do I look good on this skirt?

No lleves esa falda a la boda, no te queda bien – do not wear that skirt to the wedding, it does not suit you or “you don’t look good on it”

No me quedan bien estos pantalones, no son mi estilo- I don’t look good on this trousers , they are not my style.

2-b) When clothes combine or match each other


Me gusta  como queda esa falda con esa camisa – I like how that skirt combine with that shirt

Mis zapatos negros quedan genial con la chaqueta- My black shoes match perfectly with the jacket

¿Esta chaqueta queda bien con esta falda? – Does this jacket go with this skirt?

3-quedar when we talk about something that is left,

it can be food, time, money…


 –> Food:

If you go to a food truck and you ask for some pork tacos they might say

Lo siento, no me quedan tacos de cerdo, solo me queda uno de pollo. –I am sorry, I don’t have pork taco left, I only have a chicken one left.


 –> Time:

If you are on a lesson and it is getting quite boring you probably ask your friend

¿Cuánto falta para el descanso?    How long until the break?

They could answer

Quedan 10 minutos                        we have 10 minutes left


 –> Money:

If you get  50 euros to go shopping and you spend 25, you have another 25 left, so you could say that in Spanish:

Solo me quedan 25 euros, porque con los otros 25 me compré un vestido. –I only have 25 euros left, because with the other 25 I bought a dress.



And those are the uses of quedarse for today, if you know any more feel free to post a comment below.



I hope you enjoyed this mini lesson and you have learned something new, hopefully all your doubts about how to use quedarse are gone, and if not, please feel free to ask, I am more than happy to help.



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