Spanish words with two different meanings in English

If you are a Spanish student you probably know Spanish is a wonderful language, but it also has some crazy things, like ser and estar and several other things.

Today we are going to focus in vocabulary, and we are going to talk about Spanish words with two different meanings in English.

These words can be confusing as if you don’t know their both meanings it can be quite difficult to follow a conversation when the person is talking to us uses them with the meaning we don’t know. We don’t want that to happen, that is why today we are talking about 8 Spanish words with two different meanings in English.


-rich, if we are talking about someone with money,

Manuel es un hombre muy rico – Manuel is a very rich/wealthy man,  or

-tasty if we are talking about food that tastes good, it has indeed a rich flavor J:)

Mi madre cocina un pescado muy rico – My mother cooks a really tasty fish.


-it can be something authentic, something that is not fake,

Su anillo tiene un diamante real – Her ring has an authentic diamond, but it can also be

-something related to the royals, royal.

La familia real pasa sus vacaciones en Escocia – The Royal family spend their holidays in Scotland


-when talking about food manzana is apple,

Me gusta comer una manzana después de la cena – I like to eat an apple after dinner

-but if we are talking about a city it means a block of buildings.

La estación de tren está a 2 manzanas – The train station is 2 blocks away.


-if we need to put something in order we would use cuarto as 4th

Juan recibió el cuarto premio en el concurso de poesía – Juan got the 4th prize in the poetry contest.

-but we can also use cuarto to refer a place and it will mean room.

El cuarto de mi hermana es más pequeño que el mío – My sister’s rooms is smaller than mine.

Probably you are familiar with the next two words, as they are pretty common and they give students a bit of trouble at the beginning of their Spanish language journey.


-it is time as well as weather.

Hace mucho tiempo que no veo a Carmen – It has been a long time I haven’t seen Carmen

¿Qué tiempo hace? – How is the weather like?


Can be used to express morning or tomorrow.

Mañana por la mañana voy a quedar con mis amigas – Tomorrow morning I am going to meet my friends.


-when talking about toys that kids play with, in English we would use doll

Cuando era pequeña me gustaba jugar con muñecas– When I was little I like to play with dolls.

-but referring to parts of the body is wrist

Me lesioné la muñeca derecha jugando al tenis – I injured my right wrist playing tennis.


Esposa means wife, therefore esposas is wives I have decided to make it plural so we can compare it with another word that is always plural (as there are a pair) handcuffs.

Todas las esposas de mis amigos hablan español – All my friends’ wives speak Spanish


Los policías llevan esposas – Police carry handcuffs.

There you have it! 8 Spanish words with 2 different meanings in English, now it is your turn, leave a comment and let me know:

-did you know the double meaning of these Spanish words?

-do you know any other Spanish words with two different meanings in English?

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