Spanish words with two English equivalents

It is not uncommon that some Spanish words have two different English equivalents.

Probably you know by now that sometimes Spanish words have 2, sometimes even more, English meanings depending on the situation or context we are using them on, and that is what we are talking about today, we are going to see 5 Spanish words with two different English equivalents, and I am pretty sure some of them will surprise you.

I love this subject because I find fascinating that one word can have two sometimes totally opposite meanings. Ok, I guess you are keen to get started so let’s dive in!

Spanish words with two English equivalents


It can be a leaf, and also  sheet.

Los árboles pierden sus hojas en otoñoTrees lose their leaves in autumn

Tengo muchas hojas en blanco en mi cuadernoI have lots of sheets left on my notebook


Lengua can be translated as language, which also could be idioma in Spanish 😊 but lengua can also be the part of the human body inside our mouths, tongue.

Mi primo puede hablar cinco lenguasMy cousin can speak five languages.

Las vacas tienen la lengua muy largaCows have a very long tongue.


I am sure you know the meaning that refers an animal, because yes, gato is cat, but it is also the tool we use when we need to lift our car a jack.

La gente dice que los gatos negros dan mala suertePeople say that black cats are bac luck

Espero no tener un pinchazo nunca porque no tengo ni idea de usar el gato-I hope I never have a falt tyre, because I have no idea how to use the Jack.


Tierra can be Earth, as we refer to planet Earth as Planeta Tierra, and also the ground where we can plant, soil

La Tierra gira alrededor del SolEarth goes around the sun

No puedo plantar hoy porque la tierra está muy mojada-I can’t plant today because the soil is very wet (no idea if that is true or not as I don’t grow anything, but as an example…I think it works 😊)


Sirena can be the siren in some vehicles when they need to go fast or the half fish half person that lives in the sea, a mermaid

Esta mañana me ha despertado el sonido de una sirena en mi calleThis morning I was woken up by the sound of a siren in my street.

Las leyendas cuentan que las sirenas cantaban para traer a los marinerosLeyends tell that mermaids used to sing to attract sailors.

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