Talking about internet in Spanish When you learn a language your final goal is communicate with other people

You learn a language so it will allow you to have conversations with native speakers, and as the time evolves so do the subjects you can talk about, like nowadays technology is key,  and I am telling you that-that I am not technie at all! But still is something in our life and we use it quite often, that is why I thought a bit of vocabulary related with that subject will help your future conversations while talking about internet in Spanish.

So if you are ready let’s dive in in  the digi-word 🙂


Talking about internet in Spanish


I will first give you some questions, ok maybe just one, but it is really important nowadays…

¿Cúal es tu correo electrónico?                  What is your email address?

This is something you need to learn, a few years back it was common to ask ¿Tienes correo electrónico? Meaning “Do you have email address?”-But really…who does not have one today?

Here the important thing you need to know is the alphabet because probably you will need to spell your email and you basic thing

@–> arroba and  .–> punto

If you are one of the unlucky ones and your email has too many things you might also need

/ –> barra or _–> barra baja, maybe even – –> guión


Some other questions could be

¿Utilizas mucho internet?                                            Do you use internet a lot?

¿Eres bueno con las nuevas tecnologías?              Are you good with new technologies?


Ok seen that let’s start for the basic words, the basic you need to get involved in this digi-world


Computadora/Ordenador                                  Computer

Portátil                                                                Laptop

Móvil/Celular                                                       Mobile phone

Pantalla                                                              Screen

Teclado                                                               Keyboard

Ratón                                                                  Mouse

Correos                                                              emails

Mensaje                                                             message

Ventana                                                             window

Escritorio                                                          desktop

Apagar                                                              to turn off

Encender                                                          to turn on

Reiniciar                                                           to restart


Let’s get a bit more technie



Aplicaciones                                                       Apps

Cables                                                                 Cables

Enchufe                                                              socket

Pestañas                                                             Tabs

Archivo/fichero                                                  archive

Carpeta                                                                folder

Documento                                                         document

Actualizar                                                           to refresh

Adjuntar                                                             to attach

Altavoces                                                           speakers

Borrador                                                             draft

Captura de pantalla                                          screenshot

Pinchar                                                              to click

Compartir                                                          to share

Cursiva                                                               Italics

Negrita                                                                Bold

Subrayado                                                        underline


Descargar                                                         to download

Disco duro                                                        hard drive

Eliminar/borrar                                                 to delete

Enlace                                                               link

Introducir                                                          enter

Espacio                                                             space

Etiqueta                                                            tag   the verb is “etiquetar”

Guardar                                                            to save

Imprimir                                                            to print

Informática                                                       IT

Navegador                                                       browser

Responder                                                       to reply

Papelera                                                           trash


For those who love social media-social networks-redes sociales  (or hate it, but they are still on them) here are some useful ones 🙂


Gustar                                                                  to like

Muro                                                                     wall

Publicar                                                               to post

Perfil                                                                    profile

Usuario                                                               user

Contraseña                                                        password

Cuenta                                                                Account

Subir/colgar                                                       to upload

Tuitear                                                                 to twit


As you see it is not as difficult as many words as “ventana” are the same we use in our normal life too and you have used before, you just need to put them in context 🙂

AH! #importantNote wi-fi, as it is one of the first questions you probably ask in a bar, restaurant, hotel…etc…wi-fi is wifi, yeah easy! But do not forget the Spanish pronunciation 🙂

If you have any questions about other words related with internet..please fire away! Leave a comment below and I will reply you straight away,


HOMEWORK-the homework for this week is pretty much a challenge! I challenge you to change the language either of your phone or your computer, -or WTH! Both of them! Change your actual language in your Spanish, now that you have read once (at least in this article) the words is important you get familiar with them, and seeing them day in and day out will help…and think about it, will it be that different? You probably know by heart the actions on your phone, you will just see them in Spanish, which is a good learning practice 🙂

Come over to the comments and let me know if you are going to try or even if you already have done it and how it went .

Looking forward to reading your comment!

Also remember that now it is your turn, if you like the post or you know someone who is learning Spanish and could take advantages of this blog, please SHARE IT! Let’s spread the Spanish word around 🙂

I hope you enjoy this blog and found it useful.

I will write you soon 🙂





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