Talking about work in Spanish I am sure sometimes you wish you could speak about daily topics in Spanish, as work, but you dont have words, you will find some useful words when talking about work in Spanish in today's blog.

Words are important, with them we build sentences, and the more words you know the better  your speech will be.

Sometimes when we learn a new language we focus so much in grammar, and we forget about the words, do not get me wrong….I love grammar, and it is really important as it is the base of the language, but…grammar is nothing if does not come along with words…grammar is the glue which holds words together, vocabulary is a really important bit when learning a language, and can make a big difference in your communication, and this time I am talking about your own language too, that is why reading is so important too, because you discover new words you can apply to your conversations later on.

Today I decided I was going to give you some words to increase your vocabulary notes in Spanish, and thinking what should I give you…I thought….Well….people talk about word…A.LOT. –are you one of them too? So I thought it would be quite cool to have some basic on the topic in Spanish.

So if you are ready let’s learn some key words when talking about work in Spanish




So let’s start with some basic questions, an ice breaker for any conversation,  some of the most popular could be

¿En qué trabajas? Or ¿A qué te dedicas? –What do you do?

¿Desde cuándo lo haces? –For how long?

¿Cuál es tu horario de trabajo? –What are your working hours?

¿Te gusta?– Do you like it?

¿Qué es lo que más y lo qué menos te gusta de tu trabajo?- What is the thing you like it the most and the worse of your job?

¿Si no hicieras eso qué harías? –If you would not do that, what would you do?

¿Qué te gustaría hacer en 5 años? –What would you like to do in 5 years time?

Good start, you got some questions, now, let’s see some vocab so you can understand when they answer

Some professions-I know…I can’t cover them all, there are as many as people pretty much, so if you would like to know any other ask in the comments 🙂


Policía                         police man/woman

Vendedor                    sales man

Dependiente               shop assistant

Secretaria                   secretary

Contable                    accountant

Fontanero                  plumber

Taxi driver                  taxista

Médico                       doctor

Profesor                      teacher

Camarero                   waiter

Mécanico                   mechanic

Ingeniero                   engineer

Constructor               builder

Cajero                        cashier

Dentista                     dentist

Periodista                  journalist

Peluquero                  hairdresser

Artista                        artist

Empresario                business man

Carnicero                   butcher

Jubilado                     retired


#watchout-when we say the profession in Spanish we do not say the “a” before the role you say in English like in English I would say

I am a teacher, in Spanish soy profesora, never soy una profesora

#note-auxiliar means assistant so imagine you are an accountant assistant you would say “auxiliary contable”

#remember-professions are nouns so depending if we or the person we are talking about are girls or boys they cange the endings


Some random vocab

Contratar                     to hire

Despedir/echar           to fire/to sack somebody

Dimitir                          to resign/to quid

Jefe                              boss

Encargado                   manager

Empleado                    employee

Empleo                        job

Contrato                      work contract

Acuerdo                      agreement

Negocio                       business

Empresa                     company

Compañeros (de trabajo) colleagues

Autónomo                   selfemployee/freelander

Entrepreneur               emprendedor

Media jornada             part time

Jornado completa       full time

Día libre                       day off

Festivo                        bank/public holiday

Huelga                         strike

Meeting                       reunion

Prácticas                     apprenticeship

Ascenso                      promotion

Puesto (de trabajo)     job role

Horas extra                 over-time

Salario                         salary

Nómina                       payroll

Tienda                         shop

Oficina                        office

Personal                      company staff

Mercado                      market

Again…there are tons of them, so if you want to know any other, some specific ones, just drop a line in the comments and I get back to you pronto!


#YOURTURN -ask away, I have given you some professions and vocab but if your profession is not listed leave a comment below and I will give you the Spanish translation, the same with any other words you use to describe your job, if it is not in the list above ask away in the comments 🙂

#HOMEWORK-let’s get involved and meet each other, leave a comment below with your profession and what is that that you do in a really simple way, like me

“soy profesora, enseño español, ¿y tú, a qué te dedicas?”

I am a teacher, I teach Spanish, what is that that you do?

And that is all for this week guys, I hope you enjoyed it, have fun in your learning and I will write you soon 🙂



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