Talking about clothes in Spanish When you learn a language your final goal is communicate with other people. That is why once a month I give you some (what I think might be useful) words related to a specific category.

You learn a language so it will allow you to have conversations with native speakers, there are subjects that would evolve as the time move forward as we learned few weeks back, check it here if you missed the talking about internet blog  this week we are touching one of the classic, clothes! Because whether you like it or not it is something we use everyday  so it is always good to have some basic vocab handy.

So if you are ready let’s dive in and make your Spanish conversations more fluent.



Talking about clothes in Spanish

#warning-I know there are hundreds and hundreds of words related to clothing, I just want to give you some basic that you can keep in your cheat sheet 🙂

Let’s make some categories as clothes is a huge category

We are going to start for some verbs you can use talking about clothes

Llevar puesto-to wear

Hoy llevo puesto unos vaqueros y una camiseta-“today I am wearing a jeans and a t-shirt”

Vestirse-to dress

María siempre se viste con faldas“María always dresses skirts”

Quedar bien/mal-to suit

Los pantalones cortos no me quedan bien-“shorts don’t suit me”

Hacer juego-to match

Me encantan tus zapatos, hacen juego con mi bolso-“I love your shoes, they match my handbag”

Algunas preguntas que podemos hacer son-some questions we can use are-

-¿Qué llevas puesto?-“What are you wearing?”

-¿Cuál es tu estilo?-what is your style?”

-¿Cómo me queda este vestido?-“How does this dress suit me?” or to be more general you could ask ¿me queda bien?-“Does it suit me?”

Let’s pass to the heavy staff now, words….



Corbata                                tie

Pajarita                                bow tie

Traje                                    suit

Calzoncillos                      underpants



Vestido                             dress

Blusa                                blouse

Falda                                skirt

Medias                             stockings

Zapatos de tacón o tacones  high heels

Sujetador                        bra

Bragas                            knickers



Abrigo                                  coat

Guantes                               gloves

Bufanda                               scarf

Chandal                               tracksuit

Chaqueta                            jacket

Jersey                                 jumper

Chaleco                              vest

Sudadera                            hoodie

Pantalones                        trousers

Vaqueros                            jeans

Zapatos                             shoes

Camisa                               shirt

Camiseta                            t-shirt

Calcetines                          socks

Bañador                             swimsuit

Albornoz                            bath robe

Pijama                                pyjama

Bata                                   robe

Impermeable                    raincoat





Cinto or cinturón             belt

Bolso                                handbag

Gorra                                cup

Sombrero                         hat

Collar                               necklace

Pendientes                      earrings

Anillo                               ring

Gafas (de sol)                 (sun) glasses

Pulsera                            bracelet

Gemelos                         cufflinks

Reloj                               watch

Chanclas                        flip flop

Sandalias                      sandals

Cremallera                     zipp

Tirantes                        braces



Algunos tejidossome fabrics

Algodón                                 cotton

Lana                                       wool

Franela                                   flannel

Terciopelo                             velvet

Pana                                      corduroy

Seda                                      silk


And last but not least some solores y estampados “colours and prints”


Negro                                   black

Blanco                                  white

Gris                                        grey

Amarillo                              yellow

Azul                                       blue

Verde                                   green   

Rojo                                       red

Naranja                                orange

Rosa                                      pink

Morado                                purple

De cuadros                         squared

De rayas                               striped

De lunares                          polka dots


And that is all for now amigos, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and you learnt at least one new thing, now as usual it is time for some homework, I am going to be nosy today and I would love if you could leave a comment below letting me know…

¿qué llevas puesto hoy?-what are you wearing today?

Yo llevo unos pantalones azules y un jersey rosa –“ I am wearing blue trousers and a pink jumper”

Looking forward to reading your comment!

If you would like too know the meaning of any other clothes, colours, prints etc….just let a comment too and I will reply straight away. Also remember that now it is your turn, if you like the post or you know someone who is learning Spanish and could take advantages of this blog, please SHARE IT! Let’s spread the Spanish word around 🙂

I hope you enjoy this blog and found it useful.

I will write you soon 🙂


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