TALKING ABOUT HOUSEHOLD CHORES IN SPANISH As you know from a while back I have been written entries regarding Spanish vocabulary about one subject that I think is quite common and the vocabulary is useful to have, this time is all about household chores.

Hola amigos, ¿cómo va todo?-How is everything going?

Today I got another list full of word for you, because learning Spanish is not all about grammar (luckily 🙂 )  I always say that words are important, as you need them to build sentences, and I wider range of words you have as better you will sound in any language.

We talk everyday about thousand topics, but someone of them are more usual than others, and I think household chores, whether you like it or not, is a pretty common subject..I mean…we all do them, don’t we? So I thought it will be awesome if you could have that vocabulary in Spanish, that is what talking about household chores in Spanish is all about.




I normally start this kind of blog with some questions it might be useful to start the conversation with, but I do not think here would help, I am going to give you some tho, that you can apply in several scenarios,  as it is regarding frequency.

¿Cuántas veces limpias tu casa al mes?How many times a month do you clean you house?

¿Con que frecuencia __(tarea del hogar por la que quieres preguntar)_______?-How often do you ____(household chore you want to ask for)_________?

Also sometimes the subject of household chores just comes up, it can be started by asking anything…for example

¿Tienes planes para el fin de semana?Do you have plans for the weekend?

You might have planned do some house work

¿Vienes al cine esta noches?-Are you coming to the cinema tonight?

You might not go as you better tidy  up your flat

See what I mean…it is quite depressing….but sometimes happens! Chores are chores….they need to be done 🙂


Let’s get for the vocabulary



LIMPIAR –>clean

You can add infinitive things after depending on what you want/need to clean…

LIMPIAR el baño–> clean the bathroom

LIMPIAR la casa –>clean the flat

LIMPIAR los cristales –>clean the windows

FREGAR –> to wash , normally we add something behind to make sure what we wash….

FREGAR el suelo –> mop the floor

FREGAR los platos –>  wash the dishes….sometimes we say LAVAR los platos too

QUITAR EL POLVO –> to do the dusting

TIRAR/SACAR LA BASURA –> take out the rubbish

BARRER –> sweep


TO SET THE TABLE –> poner la mesa

TO CLEAR THE TABLE –> coger la mesa

HACER LA COLADA –> To do the laundry

PONER LA LAVADORA –>To put the washing machine on

TENDER LA ROPA –> To hand the clothes

SECAR LA ROPA –> to dry off the clothes

PLANCHAR –> to iron

DOBLAR LA ROPA –> fold the clothes

REGAR LAS PLANTAS –> to water the plants

COCINAR –> to cook

COSER –> To sew

HACER LA CAMA –>make the bed

LAVAR  EL COCHE –> to wash the car

CORTAR EL CÉSPED –>to mow the lawn

PASERAR AL PERRO–> to walk the dog

HACER LA COMPRA –> to do the shopping

ORDENAR –> tidy up

And again you can add whatever you want to tidy like

ORDENAR el cuarto –>tidy up the room

ORDENAR el salón –>tidy up the living room

CAMBIAR LAS SÁBANAS –>change the sheets

And if you need to repair something, because sometimes it happens too… I think the following verbs  will help you

REPARAR –>repair


I think with this we have pretty much everything covered…so I am going to leave you to study them….and to practice….some HOMEWORK,  leave a comment below and let us know what household is the one you hate to do…por ejemplo…YO ODIO QUITAR  EL POLVOI hate to do the dusting


I hope you enjoy this blog, if you did now it is your turn,  if you know someone who can take advantage of this blog, please do not keep it as a secret, SHARE IT! Let’s spread the Spansih language around.

I hope you have a wonderful, keep you Spanish learning up and …

I will write you soon



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