Talking about travels in Spanish What is better than travelling and be able to communicate with native people and even better...if after that you are able to speak the experience in Spanish! That is a wow!

I do not why, it might be because the days here in the north hemisphere are getting longer or what is the reason but last few days I have been feeling the travelling bug so I took it a sign and thought I should write about it.

I am sure that if you are learning Spanish you also like travelling, maybe even one of the reasons you are studying Spanish is because you like to speak with the natives when you travel to Spanish speakers countries, am I wrong? Well…if you are a travel lover you can miss this blog as in this blog I will give you some vocab and sentences  you could use to have a proper Spanish conversation about one of your favourite topics.



Talking about travelling in Spanish


Let’s start with some questions you can use to start the conversation, let’s call it a warm upcalentamiento

We will divide the questions regarding experiences, routines when travelling and opinions, ready? Go!¡vamos!


Asking about experiencies


  • ¿Qué países del mundo has visitado? ¿Cuál es tu favorito?

Which countries have you visited? Which one is your favourite?


  • ¿Dónde fue tu último viaje?

Where was your last trip?


  • ¿Dónde será tu próximo viaje?

Where would be your next one?


  • ¿Cuál ha sido tu viaje favorito? ¿Por qué?

What have been your favourite trip? Why?


  • ¿Has tenido alguna mala experiencia?

Have you had some bad experience?


  • ¿Alguna vez se te ha perdido el equipaje?

Have you ever lost your luggage?

Asking about travelling routines


  • Cuando viajas, ¿Dónde te quedas?

When you travel, where do you stay?


  • ¿Tienes problemas cuando viajas en avión?¿Te da miedo?

Do you have problems when you travel by plane? Are you scared of it?


  • ¿Cuál es tu medio de transporte favorito para viajar?

What is your favourite travelling transport?


  • ¿Qué te gusta hacer cuando viajas?

What do you like to do you like to do when you travel?


  • ¿Te gusta viajar solo o en grupo?

Do you like travelling on your own or with a group?


  • ¿Prefieres vacaciones de playa, montaña o ciudad?

Do you prefer beach holidays, in the countryside or city sightseeing?

Asking about opinions


  • ¿Qué país te gustaría visitar?

What country would you liek to visit?


  • ¿Cómo es tu compañero de viaje ideal?

How is your ideal travel buddy?


  • ¿Cómo organizas tus viajes?¿Te gusta tenerlo todo organizado?

How do you organize your trips? Do you like to have it everything planned?


Wow, good stuff! So you have some questions to get the ball rolling, let’s see how we can answer these questions


Me gustaría visitar …                         I would like to visit ….

Lo que más me gusta es…               What I like most is ….

Mi mejor experiencia es…                My best experience is…

Para mí es importante…                   For me is important…               

He visitado                                        I have visited

En mi experiencia                             In my experience

Mi plan es                                          My plan is

Siempre he querido                          I’ve always wanted

Mi sueño es                                      My dream is

No soporto….                                    I can’t stand

Lo peor es                                        The worst is

Nunca                                                Never

Siempre                                             Always


I think with these basic sentences you could start answering pretty much all the questions we have above, and the things that will follow is just up to  you, be creative! But as usual if you would like to know something else please leave a comment below and I will reply straight away 🙂


I hope you enjoyed and you are feeling all ready for your future Spanish conversations 🙂

That is all so far, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask I will reply as soon as I can.

Homework  I would love if you could answer one of the questions we have seen above, in the comments, so you can practice your Spanish travel conversations,  and get confident for them, or you might have  other questions you would like to ask, in that case…ask away!

And before saying ¡Adiós! It is your turn I would love if you could share this blog with a fellow learner who could benefit from it.

Also I would like to share this quote I read not long ago and I loved it!


“stress is caused by not travelling enough” -so let’s get travelling amigos 🙂 !

¡Ten un día fantástico!Have a fantastic day!


And I will write you soon.


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