The 10 longest Spanish words

In today’s blog we are going to see some Spanish words that they are tricky, not because of the sounds on it, but because of the length of them.

As you are probably aware, I self-named this month of March as the “Spanish pronunciation month”, I am even running a FREE 4 days Spanish pronunciation challenge? Have you joined? It is being amazing! If you haven’t there is still time, you can sign up for the challenge here: It is not too late, because although we are half way through it,  you still have time to catch up.

So, this blog is is the 4th and last part of the Spanish pronunciation serie. We have covered a lot:

-tips to improve your Spanish pronunciation:

-7 common pronunciation mistakes Spanish students made:

-difficult Spanish words to pronounce for Spanish students

And today is time to cover…(drum roll) the longest Spanish words, these words are not very difficult regarding sounds, but they are quite tricky as they are so long that they can get awkward.

Are you ready to find out what words are they?

The 10 longest Spanish words

Before we see them one thing, I want you to promise, you are going to watch the video and take action! And by that I mean you are going to try and say the words, even if they feel a bit awkward the first time,  don’t give up! Give them a couple of go’s, or more if you need them.  Deal?

Ok, then it is time…Come over and have a look to the video.

If you feel brave enough and you want to give it a try saying these words before watching the video and listening to them, go for it!

The longest Spanish words are :











Those my friend are the longest Spanish words:

What do you think about them?

Have you ever heard/used them before?

Leave a comment and let me know, also don’t forget to tell me:

-which one of the words from the video is the hardest for you to pronounce

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Virtual hugs!

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