The different uses (and meanings) of the verb llevar in Spanish

The verb llevar is quite an interesting verb as you can see it in many different context, and meaning different things.

All the languages have some verbs that have at least one verb with multiple uses, if you are an English speaker I am sure you are aware of how often you use the verb “to get”, and if English is not first language leave a comment and let me know if you have a verb in your native language that you can use (at least) in 3 different situations.

In Spanish we have several of this kind of verbs,  and today we are talking about one of them, today we are talking about the verb llevar, its different uses (and meanings) in Spanish.

So if you have seen this verb around in different context and you are a bit confused by it, this blog is for you, keep reading to find out its its different uses.

The different uses (and meanings) of the verb llevar in Spanish

1-when we talk about things llevar, can be understood like movement, to move something from a place to another place. The English equivalent in this case is to carry/to take

Cada día llevo mi portatil a la oficina.-Every day I carry my laptop to the office

Parece que va a llevar, voy a llevar el paraguas- It seems it is going to rain, I am going to take the umbrella

Voy a llevar el paquete a la oficina de correos-I am going to take the package to the post office.

2-when we talk about the time we use llevar as the English structure “have been +  -ing”, and we can use it to talk about:

-time in a place –

Llevo en Edimburgo 10 años or llevo viviendo en Edimburgo 10 años-I have been living in Edinburgh 10 years.

-time doing something-

Llevo esperando 10 minutos-I have been waiting 10 minutes

¿Cuanto tiempo llevas estudiando español?-How long have you been studying Spanish?

-time in a relationship-

Llevo con mi novio 8 años-I have been (going out/dating) my boyfriend 8 years

3-when talking about clothes it should be llevar puesto, but we shorten it to llevar and it means to wear

Hoy llevo (puesto) un jersey negro y unos panatalones rojos-today I am wearing a black jersey and red troussers.

4-we also use it when we want to say that something contains something

La caja lleva vasos de cristal, cuidado!- the box contains glasses, be careful!

La ensalada lleva nueces-the salad contains walnuts.

5-it also can use as to lead

Todas las pistas llevaban a ti-all the clues led to you

Su pasion por los números le llevo a convertirse en matemático-His passion for numbers led him to become a mathematician.

6-when we accompany someone, or take them somewhere

Todos los fines de semana llevo a mi sobrina al parque – every weekend I take my cousin to the park

Llevo a mi perro al veterinario-I take my dog to the vet.

7-when we transport somebody

¿Puedes llevarme al centro comercial el fin de semana? Ya sabes que yo no tengo coche…-Can you give me a lift to the shopping center during the weekend? You know I don’t have  acar

Parece que va a llover, ¿quieres que te lleve a casa?-it looks like it is going to rain, do you want me to give you a ride home?

And last one

8-we can use it meaning to run a business

Mónica ahora lleva el negocio de su padre-Mónica runs his father’s business now.

Joaquín lleva la casa-Joaquín runs the house.

That is it! I know today’s blog is intense but sooo important. I hope you enjoyed it and you learnt something new, if you did and you want to say gracias you can treat me a coffee here that helps me so much and give me the energy to keep creating blogs for you.

If you want to watch this lesson in video format you can always visit my YouTube channel and watch this lesson here, it is in Spanish, but you know what I am talking about so use it as a listening exercise .

Have a great day and I will see you next week.

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