The origins of the Margarita cocktail I am sure almost all of you have drunk a Margarita, but do you know where Margarita cocktail come from?Keep it reading to find out about the origins of the Margarita cocktail

Many say Margarita is the national drink in Mexico, I would dare to say it is just tequila :) but for the most sophisticated ones it would be Margarita, so ready to find about the origins of the Margarita cocktail?


Good I got you reading…so apart of an alcoholic you are a curious person too, glad to check that

Ok first of all you would like to know what is Margarita made of, probably most of you know, but just in case…Margarita is quite a simple cocktail, if we talk about the simple one, not one of the fancy colourful ones, I guess they will take more work, back to the point, you do not need to be an expert to make a Margarita, you just need lemon juice, triple sec and of course tequila, Margarita is usually served with salt around the borders of the glass too.


the legends

I have read several theories about the origins of the Margarita cocktail, but specially one kept my attention, I will start talking about the one which did not, just to keep it interesting 🙂

The name of this cocktail is due an northamerican woman, Magarita Sames, according to the tales Margarita was having a party in her “hacienda” in Mexico when she offered this drink to her guests, which is said one of them was Nicky Hilton, the man who later on would have the Hilton hotels as heritage, the guest fell in love with this drink and soon it became a popular drink.



The second one about the origins of the Margarita cocktail and my favourite..<3

It all started with a boy and  a girl…

Danny Baljeique a well known french barman who worked in an hotel and casino bar fell in love with a north-american actress, Marjorie King who hated to drink the popular drink of Mexico, tequila by itself, but at the same time tequila was the only drink her body accepted, so with the intention of make her happy Danny tried several cocktails until eventually he found one that Marjorie loved. that is how this french barman invented which today is one of the most popular cocktails, a way to drink tequila with the sophisticated of drink a cocktail




for all the gossip people out there…I can not say if Danny and Marjorie had an history or not…I tried to look more info but nothing else I could find…If you know as usually comments welcome



And remember…if life gives you lemons….make a Margarita




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