The “self” concept in Spanish

Words that start with the prefix “self” are popping up everywhere, so I think it will be a good moment to address them in Spanish.

Nowadays concepts such as self disciplined, self esteem, self development etc. in a nutshell words that start with “self” are very common in daily conversations, but if you need to use them in Spanish, are you ready? Would you know the equivalent in Spanish for “self” ? If you don’t, you are not alone! And as you know I am here to help you, that is why in today’s lesson we are talking about the prefix “self” and its Spanish equivalent.

The “self” concept in Spanish

“self” is a prefix, but what does it mean?

A prefix is a part, that we can put in front of a word and it will change its meaning, at least slightly, if you think for example about development is the general process of developing or being developed, right? So as I say that is in general, but if we add the prefix “self” that means something relate to one’s own , then,  the meaning is more particular, less general, it is not the process of developing but the process of one’s own development, right? Does it make sense?

Ok, then the thing we have left is to know how to say “self” in Spanish and it is very simple, the word “self” in Spanish is “AUTO”.

Therefore if development is desarrollo in Spanish self-development will be auto-desarrollo.

So let’s see some more words starting with the prefix “self” in English and their Spanish equivalent.

Self-confidence is auto-confianza

Self-sabotage     auto-sabotaje

Self- service        auto-servicio

Self-sufficient    auto-suficiente

Self-learning      auto-aprendizaje

Self destructive auto-destructivo

Self-disciplined  auto-disciplinado

Self-esteem        auto-autoestima

And that is the mini Spanish lesson today, I hope you found it helpful, I truly believe it is very useful in today’s world, as I said because the prefix “self” is becoming more and more used, and because if  you think about it you are really enlarging your Spanish vocabulary, with one word you can put in front of another you already know and…ta-da! New word that  you can use in a different way! But…I want to hear your opinions, so let me know in the comment below, I love hearing from you.

As well you know that la practica hace la perfección, right? So it is your turn! Leave  a couple of words starting with the word “self” in English and what are their Spanish equivalent. If you find my content useful and my lessons have helped you in anyway, it will be awesome if you could consider to support me with a coffee as a way to say “gracias”, you can buy me one here and I will be very grateful.

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Have a great rest of the day.

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