The verb “echar” and its different meanings

In today’s blog I cover another of the many multi-meaning verbs in Spanish. It is the turn of “echar”.

As you probably know, specially if you have been reading my blog post (I have written about a few recently) in Spanish there are some (many) verbs with different meanings, and today we are going to talk about one of them. The verb “echar”, I am going to mention 11 of them, but there are some more. This verb is also used in many expressions, but I will cover them in future posts.

Ok introductions made, let’s get to the point.

The verb “echar” and its different meanings

1-to throw away/to throw

Echa la cascara de plátano a la basura- Throw the banana skin in the rubbish.

No te olvides de echar la carta al buzón de camino al trabajo-Don’t forget to put (in Spanish we would use to throw, as you release the letter)  the letter in to the mailbox.

El golfista echó la pelota fuera del campo.-The golfer threw the ball out of the field.

2-to kick out/to expel

El sábado en el cine había un gripo de chicos haciendo mucho ruido y el guardia los echó del cine-On Saturday at the cinema there was a group of boys making a lot of noise and the guard kicked them out.

Al hijo de Carmen le echaron de la escuela una semana por su  mal comportamiento-Carmen’s son was expeled from school because of his bad behaviour.

3-to fire someone

No sé qué ha pasado, pero a Juan le han echado del trabajo-I don’t know what happened but they fire Juan.

4-to suppose/to guess

No sé cuántos años tiene mi nuevo compañero, pero le echo 30-I don’t know how old my new colleague is, but I guess he is 30.

5-to move/to lean the body

We can use it as a reflexive or not.

Las modelos echan los hombros hacia atrás para parecer mas altas-Models move their shoulders back to look taller.

Échate a la izquierda por favor que no puedo ver-Move to the left please I can’t see.

6-To broadcast

Esta noche en la tele echan un programa buenísimo-They broadcast a very good programme tonight.

7-if we make it reflexive it can also mean to lie down

Estoy muy cansada, me voy a echar un rato en la cama-I am very tired I am going to lie down in bed for a little bit.

8-to lock

No te olvides de echar la llave cuando salgas-Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave.

9-to talk for a long time/to give a lecture

El político dio una charla super aburrida-the politician gave a very boring speech.

Mi padre me echó una charla sobre la importancia de su trabajo-My father lectured me about the importance of his job

10-to put

¿Quieres que le eche azúcar al café?- do you want me to put sugar to the coffee?

11-the structure echar a +infinitvo means to start

El chico robó algo y echó a correr-the boy stole something and started to run.

So that is it my friend! As I told you here are 11 different meanings of the verb “echar” but there are some more so leave a comment and let me know:

-if you know any other meaning of “echar”

-with a sentence using the verb “echar” to practice.

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