The word “puño” and 6 more words

Today I want to talk about “palabras derivadas” , aka in English as derived words ( I needed to look how to say it up) and I think we will start by explaining what are palabras derivadas? Palabras derivadas are words that come from one main word, that simple, and that means that they are going to have some similarities in the way we write them and also in the meaning.

The word I am going to start with today is puño, that if you are not familiar with it means fist 🙂 I thought it would be a good example as from that main word we are going to learn 6 more words.

So if you are ready…



It is something we can hold in “el puño”, it is a handful.


It is a hit with your fist, in English known as a punch.


Empuñadura is a part of an object, normally a dagger (meaning, translation and explanation in the word below) that you hold in your fist. A grip or handle.


In English would be a dagger, that if you think about it, it is a thing you can hold with your fist.

*The difference between puñal and empuñadura is that puñal is more the utensil, as a whole, empuñadura it is just the part of the utensil, can be that fits the fist specifically.


It is what you do with a “puñal”. To stab


It is the noun for the verb “apuñalar”, when you stab, you give “una puñalada”, a stab.

And that is amigo, as promise 6 words that come from one 🙂 as always I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, now it is your turn, because….la practica hace la perfección, practice makes perfect! So leave a comment below with a sentence using one of the words from the blog that comes from the main word “puño”. Also I would love to know:

-had you heard these words before?

-have you learnt any new words from this video?

-had you realized before all those words come from the word “puño”? If you prefer the content in video format come over to my youtube channel and have a look to the video for this lesson (which by the way it is in Spanish, so it might be good to come and have a watch even if you have read this, as  it could be a good listening practice) here is the link for the video

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¡Buena semana! ¡Y hasta la próxima!

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