Tips to improve your Spanish (+ 2 useful apps)

In today’s blog I am going to give you some tips to improve your Spanish and I will talk about two useful apps to learn.

As you know practice makes perfect, and that is what I am talking about today, I am going to give you 4 ways you can practice your Spanish more and therefore improve your Spanish. Simple.

Ok, we are ready to start now.

Tips to improve your Spanish (+ 2 useful apps)

1-change the setting in your phone and laptop to Spanish

It is a small thing that can make a huge difference. Normally we don’t read at the things in our phone as we are just to used to it, but other times you will realise how uncomfortable is to have things in another language, don’t give up! And change it back to your native language, stick with it!

2.1-talk to yourself

Who does not do that? Try to have those conversations in Spanish, even if it is not the whole conversation just some sentences, stop and ask yourself…how would I say this in Spanish? You can also talk to others, and it is actually a better and more fun way to practice, If you want to try talking with another students and myself, you can join aulas de conversación, a conversation class where you will have the chance to talk with other students once a month, you can read more about aulas de conversación and join the next one in this link  (and if you have any questions please let me know.)

2.2. write a diary

Not every day, but maybe twice a week, this is very helpful because apart of think in Spanish you will realise the words and vocabulary that you use more and it is useful to you, your circumstances, life, job etc, so it is a good way to target your improvement according to your needs.


I don’t normally recommend this, but….If you get a parallel books (a books that has one page in Spanish and the page next to it has the translation in your language) you can read the English page (covering the Spanish one) and try to think how you would say that in Spanish, afterwards you can check with the Spanish page, or you can do it all the way around, read the Spanish and try to guess how it would be in English (or your language).

I think it is fun!

4-Mimic the natives

Pick a sentence from a Spanish serie/film you watch and try to mimic the accent and intonation of the actors. I used to do this when I was learning English, my favourite was “what’s going on?” from Blair in Gossip Girl, and although I never nailed it, it was a good practice, and it was fun too (it is even more fun if you can do it with a friend that is also learning)

The 2 apps I am recommending you today are:

1-language learning with Netflix

It is a chrome extension (I am not sure whether it works in another search engines) and it allows you to watch series and films with subtitles in Spanish and your own language so you can see the equivalent and also if you put your mouse on a word or sentences it explains the sentence word by word. I think is very.very.useful.

And what it is best it is free, you can have a look and get it here.


It is an app (only available for phones, not laptops) and it is to practice your verbs tense in Spanish, it helps with your conjugations, it has even the subjunctive! And it is very useful and very well designed, if you want to have a look I show it on the video for this blog in my YouTube channel here (min 7.38) It has a free option, so you can test it, and a pay one, that I think is totally worth it! You can have a look in this link. (this one is an affiliate link, which means if you decide to purchase the app it will get a small percentage, but that does not mean that the price you pay will be higher. )

Before you go leave a comment and let me know:

-which of these tips is the first one you are going to incorporate in your routine.

-if you have any other tips/routine that might help another students.

-your favourite apps to learn Spanish.

Two more things

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See you next time!

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