To meet and its 3 equivalents in Spanish

In today’s blog we are going to talk about the verb “to meet” which is an interesting verb and has a few meanings in Spanish.

I am sure that if I asked a group of you, what does “to meet” mean in Spanish? Every single one of you would have a different equivalent, and probably most of them would be correct,

To meet is a quite common verbs, and in Spanish has 3 different equivalents, each of them used in a different context, so today we are going to see these 3 different equivalents in Spanish, and their differences and uses so from now on you know which one is the right one to use depending on what you want to say.


To meet and its 3 equivalents in Spanish


We use “quedar” when we are meeting someone that we know, and it is planned, for example friends.

El sábado voy a quedar con mis amigos- On Saturday I am  going to meet my friends

He quedado con mi hermana para comprar un regalo a mi madre-I have met my sister to buy a present for my mum.


Don’t confuse quedar, to meet with the reflexive quedarse, to stay. Very different!


We use “encontrarse” when we meet someone we know but it is not planned, it is a coincidence.

Siempre me encuentro con algún vecino en el ascensor-I always meet one of my neighbours in the elevator

*This sentence implies that I have meet my neighbours before*

El otro día me encontré con Paula en el supermercado-the other day I met Paula in the supermarket


We use “conocer” when we meet someone for the first time, or we haven’t meet them at all.

Ayer conocí a la novia de Marcos-Yesterday I met Marcos’ girlfriend

Todavía no he concoido a mi nuevo vecino-I haven’t met my new neighbour yet.

àConocer also means “to know”, but that is something for another blog.

Ta-da! That is all, simple, right? But still a lot of Spanish students have problems with it. I hoope this blog helps you and know all the equivalents of “to meet” are clear, at least a little bit. 😊 

Now it is your turn to practice what you have learnt in today’s blog, so leave a comment and

-1st let me know if these equivalent for “to meet” have give you trouble in the past?

-and 2nd write a sentence to practice with at least one of the equivalents for “to meet” that we have seen today in Spanish.

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