Translation fails Translation fails is all about how you should learn Spanish and not trust anyone, or you will be in trouble...

Hola amigos, I am here today to drop some light to you and you give you the reason you should learn Spanish, we all travel, we all go to restaurants, shops…and most of the time, or lets say at least sometimes we travel to a country where they can not speak our language, but if you want to be able to have a fullfilled experience you should be able to understand the basics or at least be able to find out when some translations they have made in order to make tourist’s life easiest in fact does not have much sense…




translation fails

The first one, if you visit Mcdonnals in Spain you might be surprise they say to you when you leave “thanks for calling…”strange when you have not order a take away, you have walked into their shop…what Spanish Macdonnals really mean is “gracias por su visita”


Not sure if you could make sense of this one, or you would just walk into the freshly painted pavement and make the painter upset 🙂


Sometimes a picture speaks one thousand words so I will not say anything about the next one..just a question…would you eat in that restaurant?


And last one but not least important remember…if you go to a park in Spain not to step on the law…or which it is the same…do not step on the grass…




Hope you enjoy this blog as I enjoyed finding all the info for it…quite funny and interesting how translations works 🙂

Additional translation fails

And here I leave you a link where you can check a couple of translations will probably surprise you, hope you enjoy it and as always I welcome all comments, have you ever found a translation which did not make much sense?

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