Travelling the world Spanish connection Edinburgh is travelling the world thanks to its students

Hola chicos


Lo siento…I have not been paying much attention to this section of the blog but that means good news, as Spanish connection Edinburgh keeps travelling the world thanks to its students and today we are lucky to visit three amazing cities.



travelling the world

I am pasionated about travelling and I think everyone should as you learn so many things, you grow as a person seeing the world from a different point of view, getting to know people and their culture…it just feel good, every time I come back from a trip (even if it is just a village close) I feel good, as I have had the opportunity to see something new, something I have enjoyed, even bad trips has their good things, but we might want to talk about that in another blog because it will take me a while….

As I said I have not been very active but my students and friends have been travelling the world, so let’s see the three great cities they have been to

1-Alicante, South East coast of Spain

Why a Spanish city the first one…well you are learning Spanish so it is good to embrace the culture 🙂 thank you Bea to sent as this video from “Santa Barbara’s castle” in Alicante in which we can enjoy the beautiful view from the top

2.Christiania in Copenaghen

Thanks to our friend Lorena, we have travelled to Christiana in Copenaghen, a hippie community-neighbour in the middle of the Capital which has its own regulations, as you can watch in the video it is definately a place with own character.

3. New York

And the last one but not less important for today, we need to thanks Dani about it, it is New York from a really pacticular point of view, New York as you would imagine it…at high speed.

Hope you have enjoyed our quick trip and if you have a video travelling the world and you would like to share it with Spanish connection Edinburgh, get in touch.


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