Useful expressions in Spanish In today’s blog you will find some useful expressions in Spanish, they will make you look more than a native speaker

Expressions, same than idioms, are actually some of my favourites, and I love them both, and I like learning them (in English) and teaching them (in Spanish). I think they say so  much of the culture of the country and also for people who is learning the language they say much about their fluency.


Ok,  maybe you could express the same without expressions but word by word, and don’t take me wrong, I am all in for that, as long as you try, and specially if you are a beginner, go for it, your goal is making yourself understood and explore the language, but if you want to sound a little bit more refined and actually make a difference in your speaking expressions will help.


That is why today I am giving you some useful expressions in Spanish.  And unfortunately you need to learn them, there is not an easy way, or a word by word translation, you just need to read them, practice them and get familiar so after a while you can say them straight away. It will be such a great feeling when you can do that, I remember when for the first time in English I said “I mean it!” , it was an amazing feeling! As I had been hearing it a lot, I knew when to use, I practice, but I never remembered to use it, I guess because in Spanish is a bit more different, we will say “lo digo en serio”, that is why I kept saying “seriously” instead, and it was good, I mean people understood me but when  suddenly one day I said it was like, yes!!!  And I want that feeling for you, as you feel a step closer to the fluency, so after you read these few useful expressions in Spanish, I would love if you could leave a comment with one of them, and make that one your focus until it comes to you in a natural way.


Ok, after this long intro, let’s get to it, ¡vamos a ello!

Useful expressions in Spanish



Of course after that introduction the first one making the list is:


1“lo digo en serio”, which in English can be translated as “I mean it”

If one of your flatmates is being quite noisy and you are trying to study Spanish you can tell them to shut up, obviously in a nicely way, and if they look than they don’t really care you could say

“te lo digo en serio, estoy tratando de estudiar”, I mean it I am trying to study


2-“aquí lo tienes”, here you are,

When you give something to someone. Imagine your boss asks you for a report when you take it to his office you could say

aquí lo tienes, here you are


3-“anticuado”, to be out of date

We normally use it to talk about people, clothes, things, we use it for everything really, except watch out for…product that have a expire date, there we use it “caducado” or “pasado de fecha”, but that is another subject, I just wanted you to keep in mind, although is not the point of this blog.

If you are looking to redecorated your flat and one of your friends looked surprise and asked why

You could say

Necesito un cambio, todo mi estilo está anticuado, I need a change, all my style is out of date


4-“mientras tanto” , in the meanwhile

If you are planning a trip with a friend and you are talking when you are going to talk next, you could say

Hablamos el fin de semana, mientras tanto intenta encontrar alojamiento y yo me encargo del transporte, We will speak at the weekend, meanwhile try to find accommodation and I will be in charge of the transport.


5-“tener sentido”, to make sense

I love, love this one, as I use it a lot with my students, and the first time they l hear it are quite confused…

You can use it to make sure someone is follow what you are saying

¿tiene sentido? Does it make sense?


6-“para siempre”, for good

Imagine one of your colleague is leaving your work, and you ask him where he is going to work now, he might surprise you answering:

“no voy a trabajar en ningún sitio de momento, vuelvo a mi ciudad”, I am not going to work anywhere at the moment, I am coming back to my hometown

To make sure you understand you could ask

“¿para siempre?” For good?


7-“por el momento todo bien”, so far so good.

If you recently started a new job and one of your friends asks you how are you getting on, your answer could be

-“Por el momento todo bien, preguntame en un par de meses a ver si he cambiado mi opinión”, so far so good, ask me in a couple of months to see if I have change my mind”


I also recorded a short video where you can have a listen to check the pronunciation.





Now my friend it is your time…I would love if you could leave a comment below with one of the expressions we learnt today and/or any other expressions you know in Spanish. As usual I am so looking forward to reading your comments, but mientras tanto, I only have left to wish you and amazing day.


Practice lots your Spanish and….I will write you pronto!


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  1. Wayne Sullivan

    Very informative. I teach both ESL and Spanish . I will use these in an up coming lesson.

    • blancadt

      ¡Genial Wayne! Estoy super contenta de que te sean útiles 🙂


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