Useful Spanish slang words

Slang is important as as well as being used,  it is a part of the culture and identity of every country. Every country as different slang, and today we are going to see some slang you could hear in Spain.

It has been a while since I talked about slang, or how we would say in Spanish “jerga”,  as you know “jerga”  are Spanish common words you can hear quite often in day a day conversations in Spanish, but…you won’t learn in the textbooks. Why?  “jerga” is specific to each country, and even to regions inside the same country, and it will be a massive job to put all the different jerga of the different Spanish speaker countries in a text book.

Today I am going to mention 5 useful Spanish slang used in Spain, which is the country I am familiar with. Keep in mind that some of those might not make sense in other countries, although most of us understand them, at least the most common ones.

Useful Spanish slang words

Keep reading, even if you know some slang, as in this blog I tried to give you some new slang words instead of the commons, you probably know.


We use it as the opposite of guay, that by the way is another slang, and means cool. We use cutre when we refer to someone or something that is not of our taste.

Example. If I meet one of my friends and she turns out wearing pink cowboy boots, I would probably say:

-¿dónde has comprado esas botas tan cutres?

Probably the English word you would use would be tacky.


One of my particular favourites, I use it quite often and we use it to describe someone that is very passionate or obssessed about something, so passionate that for the rest of us seems weird someone could be so passionate about something.

Example: If you one of friends is having trouble with his laptop and you know Silvia is really into computers you could recommend her saying:

-Puedes llevar el ordenador a Silvia, estoy segura de que ella va a arreglarlo, ¡es una friki de la infórmatica!

Probably the English word you would used would be geek.


It is a verb  to describe that someone is trying to seduce someone or trying to get the other person interested in them.

Example: If you go out with your friends during the weekend and you meet someone you like and they seem interested in you too when your friends come to you to say they are going home you could say.

-Vale, yo voy a quedarme un rato más que estoy ligando.

Although we have firtear that matches the English word “to flirt”, I am pretty sure the best English equivalent for ligar is “to flirt” too.

#note- the person who ligar a lot, and has success it is called “ligón” or “ligona”. And that is not mean anything bad.


This word is a slang word specific from Spain, as in the rest of the Spanish speaking countries means workmate. In Spain is more used as an acquaintance, something you know but it is not quite your friend.

Example: If a friend wants to go to a concert but all the tickets are sold out, but you know someone who work in the organization, you could say:

-Tengo un colega allí, puedo preguntarle si puede conseguir alguna entrada.

The closest English word would be buddy, although in Spanish is more frequently used.


We use it when someone (we can use it to refer to ourselves) is distracted, it can be at a specific moment, or as a way of life.

Example: If your friend is talking to you and they ask if you are listening, but you were lost in thought you could apologies saying:

-Lo siento, ¿puedes repetirlo? Hoy estoy un poco empanada.

The English word we would use instead would be distracted or lost in thought.

That is all for today! –¡eso es todo por hoy!

I hope you enjoy today’s Spanish dose.

If you are planning to visit Spain pay attention when you are there and see if you hear these slang words you just learned quite often.

And if you have already been in Spain, I would love to hear from you:

-did you hear any of the words above?

And if you are just learning Spanish but haven’t visited Spain and you do not have plans to do so, you might have heard them in series or movie, if you have let me know below.

Also I would love to know:

-do you have a favourite Spanish slang word?

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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  1. Wayne Sullivan

    He oido Guay muchisimo cuando fui a Espana el otono pasado. Tambien usaron “vale” . No usan vale aqui en Los Estados Unidos o en Mexico.


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