Vocabulary and comprehension practice in Spanish- Christmas edition

It is here again, it is happening this year too… It is CHRISTMAS !!! And that means goodies for  you.

It  is the count down until Christmas, Navidad, and that means a lot of Spanish goodies from me to you, either if you don’t celebrate Navidad, or  you don’t particularly enjoy it, I have created a few things to keep you busy, all right, they are all Christmassy, navideñas, but at least they will keep you busy for a bit instead of having to sing/listen to Christmas carols 🙂 As you probably know Spain is different, and that means that our Christmas are a bit different too, that is why I have recorded a video talking about some Spanish traditions, like the 12 grapes on “nochevieja” , regalos on the 6th of January and more, if you want to increase your Spanish culture knowledge you are in for a treat, have a watch to discover some Spanish traditions and Christmas vocabulary here 

And after once you are loaded with  Spanish Christmas you can come over and test yourself with this special vocabulary and comprehension game I have created ,Christmas edition –> https://youtu.be/ztFyGoEiurY

The game is nothing new, we have played plenty of times during the year, it is that game where we practice two of the tough skills for Spanish students: vocabulary and listening. In the game I describe objects, things etc, this time all Spanish Christmas related and I gave you the number of letters and you need to guess the thing I am describing. If you are not very familiar with Spanish Christmas celebrations and traditions I would recommend you to watch the video where I explain everything first and then come back to the game, if not, you could try and guess the things I am describing in English if you don’t know the Spanish word and look up the translation on the dictionary, totally up to you, the most important thing is that you have fun 🙂

Some of the objects I describe are:

-canciones populares que las personas cantan en español , do you know how are they called in Spanish? The word has 11 letters, contains 2 “l’s” and ends in “s”.

Another is:

-fruta redonda y pequeña. Los españoles tomas 12 el 31 de diciembre para despedir el año viejo y empezar el año nuevo con buena suerte. Do you know what fruit Spaniard have on the 31st of December? It has 4 letters, because it is the plural word, as we eat 12 of them.

To hear/read the rest come over to today’s video and have a guess 🙂

Once you have the chance to watch the video and play the game, as usual I would love to hear from you, leave a comment or reply to this email letting me know:

-did you enjoy the videos?

-were you aware of all the Christmas traditions in Spain?

-does your country have a special way to celebrate Navidad? Please share! I love leaning about this.


-how did you get on with the game? Did you guess many of the words I described?

As always I hope you enjoy these videos.  And I can’t finish without thank you,GRACIAS for being another year with me, I really appreciate you <3

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ FELIZ NAVIDAD ! ! ! ! Y todo lo mejor para el Año Nuevo.

¡Nos vemos en el 2020!

Un abrazo muy fuerte

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