Vocabulary and listening game In today’s blog we are mixing two big things for Spanish students: vocabulary and listening skills with a fun game to practice your Spanish listening skills and enlarge your vocabulary.


I am so excited about today’s blog, because apart of being in video format, that it is always fun, it is a game too, and if you are like me- I love games- you are going to enjoy it.


So today we are combining vocabulary and listening skills in one short video, how? Easy, let me explain what this week’s blog is all about. In the video I am describing 5 Spanish words and you need to guess which words I am describing!


Doesn’t it sound fun?


If you are thinking is going to be hard…I challenge you to give it a go! As I describe the words, and give you the number of letter in each words and….before give you the answer I repeat it the description again and I give you some extra hint 🙂


So that is my challenge for you (name) , how many of the 5 words can you guess?



Vocabulary and listening game


If you can wait to get started go and watch the video here –> https://youtu.be/dR458fMYUMw



Once you have the chance to watch and guess please leave a comment below the video or can back here and leave a comment letting me know:


-Did you enjoy today’s  video?

-Did you know the words?

-How many of the 5 words did you guess?

-What of the words is your favourite? Leave a sentence using it below!


I hope you enjoy this activity 🙂


I will talk to you pronto


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    ¡Me gusta mucho el juego!

    • blancadt

      ¡Gracias por tu comentario Torah! Estoy muy contenta de que te guste el juego 🙂


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