what does “decirlo con la boca pequeña”mean in Spanish Spanish language has a lot of idioms or expressions, and decirlo con la boca pequeña is a common one as a lot of people use it

Sometimes people lie, sometimes they do but they do not mean to…they just say something so the person they are talking to does not get hurt, or just because they are somewhere are they just agree the majority , so let see what does “decirlo con la boca pequeña” mean in Spanish




Ok let’s start with what does “decirlo con la boca pequeña”mean in Spanish? First of all the literal translation would be something like, you are saying it with a small mouth…Does it make sense?Not really right? But indeed this sentences is one of the easiest one to explain, I don’t think English speakers have something similar…but decir algo con la boca pequeña means you are not really meaning what you are saying, let see and example as I think is always helpful, my birthday is coming and I invite some of my workmates, just because sometimes you have to don’t you?It is kind of a not written commitment, they overhear and now…you need to be polite 🙂 ( you have been there too have not you?) well…back to the point so they agree to come so you are happy about it and they want to be polite as well so they ask you what would you like for your birthday you say “oh no…nothing you don’t have to give me anything” that is the polite social answer and you are saying it with la boca pequeña, because you are dying for presents 🙂


Another situations could be when some of your workmates, I know…them again! 🙂 got a promotion and you say, congratulations, I can not think about anyone better to do the job, but inside you know anyone could do it better, but again you are being polite, and you go home and tell to your sister exactly like that, but I am happy for her/him…and your sister will tell you….lo estas diciendo con la boca pequeña 🙂 and she will be right 🙂




About the grammar is a bit more complicate as you use the object pronoun lo first and then you just conjugate the verb decir, usually irregular in the correct tense you want to use…and then you just need to add con la boca pequeña.


You have learnt something new today now go out there and spread the word 🙂


Also can you think about any other examples where would you use “decirlo con la boca pequeña”?Always happy to listen

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