What does “hacer gracia” mean? Here I am again to talk about meanings, as a spanish native teacher, I always find interesting the idioms, or the different expressions from the countries which do not have a literally translation in other languages. Today we will see the meaning of "hacer gracia".

It is funny how for native speakers expressions are just something so common, we do not pay attention to until someone ask, what does it mean??In this case it would be what does “hacer gracia” mean? And there my friends…there is when you stop, think, and realised you have no idea how to explain it, or I would better say you do but…it is just not good enough, as some expressions means a lot, and they go within the culture also so any try to explain will just not be accurate enough, but today I will try to get as accurate as I can.


Differents ways to use the expression “hacer gracia”


As everything in languages, all might depend on the context, and hacer gracia is not an exception, but there is not a wide of different scenarios we would use it so remain calm, hacer gracia is easy to explain, therefore easy to understand, therefore easy to use, that it is what we want to get everytime we learn something new, practice as soon as we can and as many times as we can 🙂

Mainly we will use hacer gracia, when we find something funny, a lot of people think hacer gracia is the same as use like, so if they say me hace gracia esa palabra, they think they are saying I like this word, but what native people think when they hear that sentence is that he thinks that word is funny for some reason…so our answer back would be like why?And many people just would come back with…beacuse I like it, that is when we native would think…ok…hacer gracia does not exacty mean like…and most of us, or at least myself would try to explain with examples..thinking that helps.

In the other side if you use me hace gracia esa palabra and I ask why=¿por que? And you say to me just because I think is funny!You got it!You understood the meaning!




Also we use hacer gracia a lot when we find something amused, it does not necessary to be funny but it needs to amuse us, or we just find it surprising in any way as” me hace gracia como Juan siempre llega tarde”,=it surprise me how Juan is always late. Or if you want to buy a house and you are thinking about it but you do not really think you are ready you could say talking to friends Me hace gracia la idea de comprar una casa, kind of I am tinkering with the idea of buying a house.

The ironic or sarcastic meaning

Spanish people like to be ironic, or sarcastic if you prefer to say it, so we can use “hacer gracia” with the opposite meaning, I think this is better to understand if I say an example.

Imagine, you do not want to go out (I know….I said imagine :)) for some strange reason, but it is your best friend’s birthday so you and the rest of your friends are taking him for dinner…and when the bill comes you all have to pay, you will say “no me hace gracia pagar cuando no quiero estar aqui”= I can’t believe that despite the fact that I didn’t want to come along, I have to pay.

the same when you need to pay something you dont use so often..you can say “tiene gracia que pagues el gimnasio cuando no vas nunca”=it is funny you pay the gym even when you never go.

The meaning of “no hacer gracia”

That is typically use for mums, or even couples and it is when you are in the middle of an argument and one of the person, usually the one who does not want that argument, try to make fun of the situation, to make it look not that bad….and here it is when the other person will say ”  a mi no me hace gracia”, or if it gets worse “a mi no me hace ni pizca de gracia”, so they dont find it funny, not even a little bit.. and then…that is when you know you are in trouble 🙂


In another negative meaning and not that bad is when you want to express you are not keen about something as…If you and your friends want to go fishing and you do not want to go to a specific place, you could say Quiero ir a pescar, pero no me hace gracia pescar todo el fin de semana, I am want to go fishing but I am not keen about fishing the whole weekend.

Grammar of hacer gracia

Hacer gracia works wxactly the same as the verb GUSTAR, so you put me, te, le, nos, os , les, depend on the subject + hace gracia, if it follows for a singular thing or haceN gracia if it is followed for more than one thing!Just remember if those things are infinitives, hace is singular…me hace gracia cantar, escuchar musica etc…



That is all by now, hope you found it useful and just to say see you soon!

I leave you with something me hace gracia, feel free to post whatever you find funny too

what does “hacer gracia” mean?

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