What does vergüenza mean in Spanish? vergüenza is a really used word in the Spanish language, I will explain what does vergüenza mean in Spanish and how to use it.

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Lo siento…I know it has been a while without a blog but I have been so busy, but the waiting has rewards, today I am going to talk about vergüenza, and answer what does vergüenza mean in Spanish? vergüenza pretty much means embarrased, shame…so we will learn what does vergüenza mean in Spanish and how to use it in sentences or/and idioms.





First question to ask is…what does vergüenza mean in Spanish?, as I am sure you have heard this word so many times as itis quite common, either on its own or in idioms.

vergüenza, is a word which means embarrassment or shame, as i said before, therefore we do not use it in a good way,

Sentences with vergüenza

There a few and now we answered the question what does verguenza mean in Spanish, I think you will be able to find out the meaning of them , let’s try

vergüenza ajena, we use it when something or most of the times someone does something really silly and make us  feel embarrassment even when we havent done anything, but it was so stupid that we can feel the shame of the action

dar vergüenza, we said that something “nos da vergüenza” if we are too shy to do something, it is something that we need to fight to do, as if could be talk with that girl/boy we used to liked when we were younger, I always ask my students “os da vergüenza” if they do not want to talk in front of the class


-no tener vergüenza, instead means all the opposite we use it when someone does not feel embarrassment about anything

-there is a really common sentence using the word vergüenza in Spanish that does not have a translation in English, or at least I do not think so….“el de la vergüenza” we use that sentences when we are having a meal, it does not matter who with, can be a familiar meal, a formal one, one with friends, and we are sharing a plate, the called “starters to share” they are on the middle of the table so everyone can reach and suddenly all the goodies (food) are gone, there is just one left, and pay attention next time you are having a meal that last one would never go away, because no one is brave enough or let ‘s say greedy to take the last one in front of the rest of the people, that is why we called it the one of the embarrassment as everyone is too shy to take it. So it is quite common to say….come who wants to eat “el de la vergüenza, no seais timidos”



Hope this helps and I promise I will write you sooner this time


Have a wonderful week and do not forget to practice your sentences with vergüenza


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