What type of learner am I? what type of learner am I, that should be the starting point for ever

When you have the thought of starting to learn a new language, the question should not be which language should I study?That should be clear…Spanish is the answer 🙂 the question should be what type of learner are you, by asking that , you will know which resources will work better for you, therefore you will not waste time in thing it wont work for you and you will be able to move forward faster.

I know sometimes asking yourself what type of learner am I?Can be strange and hard to answer but with the picture I leave you below you should be able to recognize yourself and go with the things it will work better for you, sometimes you will realize you are not just one type of learner, and that is ok no everything is black or white….thankfully grey exists too, so you just need to mix the resources too and be able to have the perfect match which suits your learning needs.

So ask yourself…what type of learner am I? To see the image bigger ,click it once, if it is still small click it once again and it will open up in a new window.


There a few different answer to what type of learner am I?And at the beginning probably you have no idea how to define you as a learner, that why you would need to experiment and that is an important stage on your Spanish journey, you will need to test things and see which ones work better for you, once you find out you, you will have spent some time but I promise you that from that moment on, your learning will be quicker as you would have found the key, as I say you can be a mix of them, like me I asked myself what type of learner am I? Not long ago when I was trying to give my english a push, and I got frustrated about not making the progress I wanted or the ones I thought I should have been doing…and that was why I was not using my strengths as a learner, and I was all over the place, then I stopped and found out, I am a visual learner, things stay better on my mind when I see them than when I listen to them..so I found a quickest way to push my english and realized that write things down really helped me too, so I work double, see the words and write them down…and you know it could sound as a lot of effort but I just need to do that a couple of times and things stay on my brain…otherwise probably I would need to come back over and over again to make sure they were still there and I have not forgot them.

If you are just one type of learner you are lucky as you will save time, but as I say I haven’ t found a lot of unique ones…most of people are a mix of them so…share with us have you ever asked yourself what type of learner are you?If so which type?And if you havent it is just about time you find out.

Leave a comment below, I am so looking forward to hear your stories.

Hasta pronto

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