Why do we like Fridays? I woke up this morning feeling great as it was Friday....but then a question came to me, why do we like Fridays?

Good morning and FELIZ VIERNES!that was how I updated my social media this morning, I woke up with an amazing feeling this morning....that Friday's feeling we all know...the one which means we defeated the week and we are ready for a two days rest....but in my case it is different, and I guess for most of them as well....as I am working during the weekend...still I feel great about the idea...why do we like fridays??


Everyone loves Friday, we think about the Friday even before it comes…I remember yesterday I asked my students  ¿Qué tal estáis? “how are you?” and most of them answered back with a “cansados” which means tired but they also said but never mind tomorrow is Friday, funny how one day can change our mood…even like I said we work during the weekend as some of us we are not that lucky to have weekends off but still I guess the weekend is a way to socialise, most of our friends will be off and looking forward to meeting us and grabbing a cerveza (beer) or a couple..


why?Why on Friday?Why do we like Fridays?


I think we hate thinking and the weekend is the moment we put our brain in low mood, I am not saying we switch it off just relaxed, even when we are working because later on we will have a reward, we will meet our friends, we are allowed to stay up until later at night, and it is ok if we do not think about work…even if it is just for a couple of hours.



Or we can just go home and relax….

we like fridays


Or have enough time to practice our favourite hobby…



Because it is that all about….relax an enjoy the weekend!So that is!




I am just writing this to share my thoughts but I would like to know your opinions….why do we like Fridays?Why do you like fridays?


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  1. Sara

    thanks for the post!really nice pics!on fridays I always go the same…TGIF!


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