Why Spanish is like dating Why Spanish is like dating, learning a new language can be like dating, you do not believe me?Keep reading

Why Spanish is like dating I came up with this title and I think learning a new language, Spanish in this case can be like dating, you start slowly, insecure, not knowing if you are doing the right thing, if you could keep it up, and a lot of things suddenly start to happen. but at the end you feel learning a language, if you are passionate about it and it is the right language for you, the same as when you meet the right person, it all will come together 🙂


Why Spanish is like dating


And one of my friend would say why not?I am gonna be a bit more specific here and give you 9 points where I will show you how similar are learning a language and dating.


Step1-You know it

Like everything else in life everything starts when you meet someone, or the language you want to learn, you have your first approach with that people/language.



Step2-You start being interested on it

You have had your first approach, you think you like it and you start being interested on the language/person…



Step3-You flirt

You have know it, it got your attention and now…all the suddenly, not knowing how or why you start flirting, in the language case you start getting in touch, you learn some piece and pieces, nothing serious, but you feel you would like to practice and know more about it.


Step4-You like

It is too late now, you like it, you want to spend more time with it, you enjoy doing it, and it does not seem awkward.



Step5-You start fighting

Than tanslated into the language theme means you want to give up, things start becoming difficult, and you feel like you have had enough, you are not making the progress you would like too and it seems worthless.

A lot of people give up for good, but you need to know that everything will be worthy and like everything in life sometimes you find difficult moments, that is not bad, I would say it is even a good thing, that means you are improving, and start to realize your weakness and the things you would like to improve.




Step6-You start travelling

You know enough to start travelling to the countries the language you are learning is spoken, you start feeling new things, you get excited over travelling, you live new adventures, from another perspective, you get to know the country you are visiting, the people and the culture, and it feels much more better than doing it alone.

Sky, planes, clouds, blue, wings


Step7-You know more people

Like when you are in a relationship, you double your friends as you start meeting the other persons friends, the same when you learn a language, your group becomes bigger, as you start looking for people with your same interested on the language that you have, and you realize you are not alone on that boat, a lot of people are keen to meet new people so they can practice, share experience and talk about their gains.


Step8-You like it more

Yyou feel so good learning new things, even more you want to learn more things, you want to master the language, you enjoy watching films, reading book in that language and you feel so good when you can understand, that makes you want more.



Step9-You can not live without it

You feel the language and you belong together, you wish you would have start earlier with the learning and you are always looking for new things to achieve.


Well after this 9 steps I hope I had made you realize how similar dating and learning a new language are, and like in relationship when learning a new language, you will have times when you want to give up, you just need to push it through and know you are not alone, that happens to everyone who is trying to learn, but I can promise if you pass that barrier, the benefits will be huge,and you will not regret it.


Which step in your language journey are you on?


Let us know, I love to write/hear all kind of comments.


Wishing you a great weekend



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