Why you should have a Spanish friend The joy of diversity, everywhere I go I hear Spain is different and I think they should add "and Spanish as well"

Hola amigos, here I am one more week to make your Spanish journey entertained, or at least a bit easier. Today’s post is not about learning,, well….It is, but not about the language but about the Spanish culture, how the Spanish work…


So first of all, before we crack on I would like to make something clear, this post does not apply to all the Spaniards, it is based on stereotypes (sometimes true) so  I would not like anyone take it personal, or too seriously or someone getting offended.

It is based on my experience and it is so funny because even when it is close to the stereotypes most of the times they are so true…But like stereotypes they are not always real, so not take this post too seriously, just read it and be up for a laugh (vale, a laugh might be too much, I will be happy if you just draw a “pequeña sonrisa” –little smile)

Why you should have

I have been living in the UK for a while and I find out that Spanish people tent to do certain things that most of the rest of the mortals don’t, and I would say even more make the rest of the mortal confused…

That been said, let’s start with today’s post where you will find the reason why you should have a Spanish friend.



You will always feel the love if you have a Spanish friend,


They will give you two kisses everytime they see you, (to you and to the people who goes with you, even if they do not them, but so they do not feel exclude), trust me, still today after 5 years here some people think I am crazy because I do not  “just” shake their hands J


This is brilliant, you can always arrive late when you are meeting a Spaniard.


When most of your friends will go mad at you because you are late and they were waiting for ages, probably your Spanish friends will not find out never (they will arrive even later)


Probably most of your friends from other nationalities they want to talk to you in English, no the Spaniards.


They want you to learn Spanish and they will try everything from yelling to talk as slow as a turtle, so they make sure “you understand them” (because who would not?-Even if you do not nothing about Spanish, hey are talking slow at the end of the day 🙂 ) and probably will be swear words the one they will try to teach you J and they will cheer you up everytime you used them in the right context.

4- Meals –

apart of meeting for lunch 2 hours after the time you would normally have lunch.


When you meet a Spaniard for lunch you will probably end up having dinner together, that is “sobremesa”, Spanish people not eat and leave, they like to be sitting at the table for a while (sometimes to lunch…ups!)

5-Public places

while some friends might tell you if you are being a bit loud, a Spanish one will yell back at you even louder saying “I can’t hear you”, or just answer in the same tone of voice (aye we are not hungry is our voice pitch….it is just so loud :S)

Public places-Lugares públicos

These are just few of many advantages of having a Spanish friend plus they will help you with your learning, as Spanish people love someone foreign speaking Spanish.



The homework for this week is to pay attention if you have Spanish friends, if the things above could apply to them,  and if you do not know it might be about time (va siendo hora) you find one, they are all fun and advantages J

And to make it even fun, why do not you try and act as a Spaniard 🙂



YOUR TURN-If you have enjoy this post please spread the world, you might have a Spanish friend who would laugh if he read that….make them happy 🙂 . Or maybe you have a friend who shares a Spanish friend with you and you have talked about this before…share this with them too!


Also I would love to hear from you, what do you think? As I said above these are just a few reasons. If you meet some Spanish, is this true?Is there any other thing it might apply to them? Please feel free to post I would love to read your comments/experience about/with “españoles”-Spanish people.


To finish off a proof Spain is different….An  advert seen in Spain’s streets 🙂

Why you should have a spanish friend

“In Spain when you come back home before 3 am, you did not go out party, you went out for dinner” 🙂



So be more Spanish my friend….. Relax, be social and enjoy life “amigos”…

!Hasta la próxima!

Two big kisses from your virtual Spanish friend

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